The application of benefit abundant transducer on machine tool of economy numerical control

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Keyword: Transducer of system of machine tool numerical control is introductive in recent years, as rapid development of economy, machine tool industry also had saltant development: Reflect the clear improvement of the wide application in new technology and enterprise benefit. At present the consumptive main trend of machine tool industry is numerical control machine tool. In light of the demand that controls a machine tool from logarithm of domestic and international market, market of numerical control machine tool has the following feature after: It is machine tool of economy numerical control it is product of the following mainstream. 2 use new technology, reduce cost, increasing product stability is the key that the industry survives. We procrastinate with the machine tool below move a respect to use say transducer is in for frequency control the applied circumstance of this industry: One, the characteristic of main shaft drive of primary machine tool: Usually of the machine tool procrastinate using a system is drive gear case to come by electric machinery of transmission and timing. It has the following characteristic: A of   of primary system general situation. Laden, when gearshift of gear case of constant power quality, the change of the change of torsion and rotate speed becomes inverse ratio. If not plan the loss of gear case, it is inside full power limits, have the characteristic of constant power. 1) box of timing of rotate speed class has 8 archives rotate speed: 75, 120, 200, 300, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000r/min. 2) the nominal capacity of main and rated parameter of electromotor: 3.

7kw   rated rotate speed: 1440r/min   load performance: Constant power   3) the dispenses that 8 positions that control means sets by handle will come to control 4 clutch closes, receive 8 kinds of combination of gear, gain 8 archives rotate speed thereby. B. When the overload ability strong low speed when low speed, procrastinate move systematic classics gear case to fall fast the rated torsion after will be far the torsion of the biggest job that is more than load, have very strong overload capacity. 2, the primary consideration when applying transducer timing: 1, the adjusting range of frequency control is very wide, general general-purpose transducer can come true 0, the stepless speed regulation inside 400HZ limits. 2, ask to have harder physical characteristic considering the machine tool. Accord with transducer + common electric machinery (or frequency conversion electric machinery) transmission has the characteristic with hard physical characteristic. The ability   that can offer 150% laden torsion below low frequency commonly 3, powerful overload capacity is had when low speed considering machine tool need. Transducer can offer the overload of 150% to protect (60S) , can satisfy the requirement of equipment. 4, after use frequency control, can simplify the original and sophisticated machine such as gear gear-box pulls motive compose, automation rate is high, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient. 5, transducer has voltage (DC0, 5V, DC0, 10V) , voltaic imitate inputs interface, can match very well with the control signal of numerical control system. 3, benefit abundant transducer pits in the Zhejiang of specific application circumstance of this industry miller of door machine tool should manufacture machine tool of of all kinds economy simple and easy numerical control, the rate of electromagnetism clutch attaint that uses as a result of timing is higher, understanding has above advantage to frequency control system, reason converts benefit abundant transducer realizes frequency control. Particular case is as follows: 1. The system after transforming forms: A is in this system, transducer uses outside terminal control, the AN1 that the DC0-10V signal that numerical control system issues passes transducer -- GND terminal sends transducer, implementation number measures set rotate speed to measure the control that frequency conversion exports to imitate. The bulk of the voltage signal that the discretion of electric machinery rotate speed outputs by numerical control system will control. Of B electric machinery running the OP6 that periphery passes transducer reversely, OP7 and CM terminal implementation are controlled. All sorts of TCTA that protect signal to pass transducer often open C contact will control, can have come true to flow, press too, overload, overheat, negative pressure, lack equal protection. 2. The setting of relevant parameter: According to numerical control system and the requirement that the machine tool designs, the setting of appropriate parameter can can improve original product performance: AF111, f808 uses the BF114 of   of top rotate speed that adjusts electric machinery, f115 uses the time   CF513 that adjusts electric machinery to achieve top rotate speed to need, f502 uses the measurement that adjusts electric machinery to output pitching moment when low speed, be aimed at the parameter setting of above, final user can make minim adjust according to the real need of the spot. 3. After transforming, contrast with original function scope of machine tool timing: 0 -- - 400HZ is adjustable (major machine tool is in 3000 turn to work below) increase slowdown time: 0.

1 -- - 30S is adjustable machine speed: 100, 3000r can accuse to protect a function continuously: Perfect, breakdown demonstrates overload ability: 100% -- 180% adjustable   4. Use the effect actually of the client: In effective treatment rotate speed falls, experiment via relapsing, accord with design requirement completely, obtained satisfactory result. Show this product 2000 already batch production, put in the market. 5. The problem that appears possibly -- electric depress causes transducer to protect   a batch of machine tools sent the share in March 2003 Ning Bo (the client produces pneumatic tool component with a future life) , the client after 3 months hits a phone to say to 10 transducer have breakdown to protect (and just jump by day protection) . The company sends technical personnel to search breakdown account to the spot, discover working site voltage is very low -- input voltage is mere AC310V (working voltage is low by day) , because the client does not understand transducer protection principle, just think the machine tool has a problem, the client asks to change transducer. Be aimed at this circumstance, technical personnel introduced the account that breakdown protects in detail to the other side, assisted a client to buy stabilized voltage equipment, there are any problems after installation -- the problem gets perfect solve. Again test and verify the protective function with perfect transducer, also reminded the problem that when manufacturer is sold to the client, should note at the same time. 4, transducer of abundant of use benefit of form a complete set of factory of machine tool of door of last word bank comes for years, product quality all the time very stable, scale is larger and larger, enterprise benefit is better and better. The feasibility that this proved to form a complete set of machine tool of simple and easy numerical control uses transducer again and practical, believe manufacturer of broad numerical control meets more and more realising this problem -- use dependability of frequency conversion drive tall, the operation is convenient, investment is little, get effective fast, sexual price is compared tall. CNC Milling CNC Machining