Sensor type selecting cannot 6 big keys nod insensible

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Contemporary sensor is on principle and structure differ in thousands ways, how the measurement with specific basis purpose, measure object and measure an environment to choose sensor reasonably, it is the problem that should solve above all when the measurement that has a certain amount. After deciding when sensor, the measurement technique that covers suitably to it and measure equipment to also can decide. Measure the success or failure of the result, depend on greatly of sensor choose reasonable. 1. Should undertake according to measuring object and the type that measure an environment to decide sensor, specific measurement works, should consider to should be used above all why to plant the sensor of the principle, ability is affirmatory after this need analyses the element of many sided. Because, even if measure same physical quantity, the sensor that also has a variety of principles can be offerred choose, the sensor of which kind of principles is more appropriate, the use condition consideration that needs the characteristic that the basis is measured and sensor is a few more the following specific issue: The size of ① span; ② is measured the positional requirement to sensor bulk; ③ measures means to be contact or be not contact; The derivative method of ④ signal, wired or dispute contact is measured; The origin of ⑤ sensor, homebred still import, the price whether bear, return or develop by oneself. Can choose certainly after considering afore-mentioned issues why to plant the sensor of the type, consider the particular function target of sensor again next. 2. The choice of sensitivity normally, inside the linear limits of sensor, the sensitivity of hope sensor has been jumped over higher. Because have only when sensitivity is tall, the as corresponding as change be metricaled value that outputs signal just is compared big, be helpful for signal processing. But those who want an attention is, the sensitivity of sensor is tall, as easy also as the outside noise that is measured to have nothing to do interfuse, also can be magnified the system magnifies, the influence measures precision. Accordingly, requirement sensor itself should have taller letter a confusion of voices to compare, reduce the interference signal that introduces from the outside as far as possible. The sensitivity of sensor is tropism of in the right way. Should be measured to be one-way quantity, and directional to its demand is higher, should choose the sensor with other direction small sensitivity; If be measured to be multidimensional vector, ask the alternate sensitivity Yue Xiaoyue of sensor is good. 3. Frequency answers the frequency of characteristic sensor to answered character to decide the frequency range that is measured, must be in allow what keep not lack fidelity inside frequency limits to measure a condition, actually of sensor answer always have, calm defer, it is better to hope defer time is shorter. The frequency of sensor is answered tall, the signal frequency range that can measure is wide, and because be affected characteristicly by the structure, of mechanical system inertial bigger, the frequency that because of this frequency small sensor can measure signal is inferior. Measure in trends in, should the characteristic according to signal (stable state, transient state, random etc) answer character, lest had produced big error. 4. The linear limits of linear limits sensor is to point to output and the limits that input direct ratio. From theoretic tell, inside this limits, sensitivity holds calm cost. The linear range of sensor is wider, criterion its span is bigger, and can assure certain measurement precision. When choosing sensor, want to see its span whether satisfy a requirement above all later certainly when the sort of sensor. But actually, any sensor are unwarrantable absolutely linear, its degree of linearity also is opposite. When place the requirement is measured when precision is lower, inside certain limits, but will nonlinear the sensor with minor error regards linear approximately, this meeting gives measure bring huge to go to the lavatory. 5. After stability sensor uses period of time, its function maintains indeclinable ability to call stability. The element of long-term stability divides influence sensor outside sensor itself structure, basically be the use environment of sensor. Accordingly, want to make sensor has good stability, sensor must want to stronger environment gets used to ability. Before choosing sensor, answer its to use an environment to undertake investigating, choose appropriate sensor according to particular use environment, or take proper step, reduce environmental effect. The stability of sensor has mensurable index, after exceeding operating period, answer to undertake demarcate afresh before use, in order to decide whether the function of sensor produces change. Can use for a long time in certain requirement sensor and cannot change easily or the circumstance of demarcate, the stability requirement of the sensor that chooses to place is stricter, want to be able to undergo long test. 6. Precision precision is a of sensor main function index, it is to matter to whole a when measure a system to measure precision important segment. The precision of sensor is taller, its price is higher, accordingly, the precision of sensor should be satisfied only whole the precision demand that gauges a system is OK, need not choose exorbitantly. Can satisfying so same the choice in a lot of sensor that measures a purpose compares petty gain and simple sensor. If measure the purpose is qualitative analysis, choose repeat the sensor with tall precision can, unfavorable choose precision of sheer value of a quantity tall; If be for quantitative analysis, must obtain exact measured value, need to choose accuracy class to be able to satisfy the sensor of the requirement. To certain and special use situation, cannot choose appropriate sensor, need to design production sensor by oneself. The function that abstains sensor should satisfy use requirement. CNC Milling CNC Machining