Typical shunt-wound motion machine tool

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The article summarized the advantage of machine tool of inchoate and shunt-wound motion and traditional machine tool simply, the characteristic of shunt-wound motion machine tool that introduced a few kinds of models in detail. Inchoate shunt-wound motion machine tool 1994, on exhibition of machine tool of American Chicago international, american Giddings&Lewis company exhibited first machine tool of Variax shunt-wound motion, cause sensation. It is a machining center of 5 coordinate vertical that is a foundation with Stewart platform, the mark is worn machine tool design begins to use shunt-wound orgnaization, it is machine tool structure the milepost of major reform, its interior structure is shown 1 times like the graph. See from inside the graph, the adjustable lever of drive of electromotor of 6 cause servo, versatile bore with a reamer secures have the aid of to go up in next platform, this kind of structure also is called " 6 legs (Hexapod) " , the nut of filar lever passes bearing of versatile bore with a reamer the platform on the move. Lever of length adjustable make contain main shaft part go up the exercise that place of spare parts of the platform treatment that finish needs. Variax machining center is a kind " inside mill " structure, the machine tool covers an area of an area to be 7800mm ′ 8180mm, and working space is only 750mm of ′ of 700mm ′ 700mm, installation workpiece is not quite convenient also, because this does not have this,application is won in production. This machine tool offers England later university engineering college serves as Nuotinghan undertake " aviation industry is made adroitly " the fixture that the project studies. Afterwards, american Ingersoll company rolls out machining center of machining center of the VOH 1000 that uses shunt-wound orgnaization vertical and HOH 600 horizontal, made on the structure the biggest improve, from " inside mill " instead " outside mill " , apparently contractible the volume that changes platform, reduced the weight of athletic component, installation workpiece is relatively convenient also, once produced very big effect to the development of shunt-wound motion machine tool. But as a result of a variety of reasons, ingersoll machine tool also produces actual application without investment. Machining center of two VOH 1000 vertical delivers to bureau of Guo Jiayu boat of American state level and technical institute and United States to undertake study respectively. HOH 600 machining center offers the machine tool lab of university of industry of German A go smoothly to undertake study. Their research is opposite as a result and couplet goes to very big stimulative effect since the development of athletic machine tool. Ingersoll company HOH 600 the exterior is shown like 2. Through inchoate paralell connection the experiment of athletic machine tool considers to make clear, paralell connection carries motive bed and traditional machine tool are compared, have an advantage: Quality of 1) motion component is small, motion is inertial small; Speed of 2) expensive campaign and tall acceleration, suit high speed treatment; 3) main part has repeatability, current rate is high; 4) carries easily through be being added beforehand carry on one's shoulder, raise the stiffness of machine tool component; 5) can realize the compensation of athletic precision through controlling a system. But, machine tool of inchoate and shunt-wound motion because a variety of reasons, win application without aborning. In recent years, research of technology of method, workmanship, control, dynamic function and industry are designed to apply a respect to obtain major breakthrough early or late in kinematic principle, machine tool. World-renowned machine tool company rolls out new product in succession, developed what a lot of courses improve to change model structure, make shunt-wound motion machine tool began to enter practical phase. Company of Mikromat of Germany of machining center of 6X Hexa vertical (Www.


Net) the development of machining center of 6X Hexa vertical by Europe in all body Esprit high-tech considers to plan to aid financially, 4 units attend: Company of 1) Mikromat machine tool, be in charge of design and be being made of the machine tool, also serve as the final user of the machine tool at the same time. Machine tool of 2) rich Lan Huofu reachs v technology institute, as the technical adviser of the enterprise, put forward a machine tool overall design program. 3) Andron company, provide the soft, hardware of system of Andronic 400 numerical control, and of numerical control system optimize. 4) GMD-First company, high-powered computer and network expert, responsible and shunt-wound motion controls strategy and high speed data to convey. The exterior of this machine tool is shown 3 times like the graph. See from inside the graph, workbench is on the base of the machine tool but around is mobile, assemble and unassemble in order to facilitate workpiece. There are 3 pillars that distributing according to 120 ° on base, use at orgnaization of bearing paralell connection. This characteristic of shunt-wound orgnaization is to use change model Stewart platform, divide fluctuation platform respectively it is two, the two platform on the layer secure the flank in 3 pillar, next two platform support main shaft part jointly. Use silk of ball of servo electromotor drive while lever realizes 6 lever or alone and adjustable, in order to control the spatial motion that main shaft component finishs 6 freedom to spend. This kind changes model the structure improved what working space and machine tool place constitute bulk to compare, power gets when making main shaft attitude changes more even. This machine tool basically is used at mould treatment, can realize milling of 5 coordinate high speed, treatment precision can be amounted to 0.

01 ~ 0.

02mm, raise treatment efficiency, improvement apparently exterior quality, prolong cutting tool life. К И М - 750 model measure company of machine Russia Lapic to use orgnaization of Stewart platform paralell connection at TM-1000 accurate machining center and К И М - 750 model 3 coordinate are measured machine, К И М - 750 model if the graph is shown 4 times,measure the exterior of machine. See from inside the graph, platform measures the frame of machine namely on, 6 adjustable lever are by the ball silk lever of servo electromotor drive, they are collective with join of next platform that measure a head. Go up in what secure installation has 6 laser interference to measure foot between next platform of platform and motion, undertake metrical to the displacement of adjustable lever, feedback in real time, working precision can amount to ± 0.


002mm. Working space is 450mm of × of 750mm × 550mm. Use shunt-wound orgnaization measuring the characteristic of machine is OK will measure head deflexion conveniently very much an angle, measure the diameter of inclined hole. Company of Hexel of United States of milling machine of P2000 5 coordinate (Www.


Com or Www.


Com) devote oneself to what shunt-wound motion machine tool and shunt-wound orgnaization apply to gain ground change, roll out machining center of the Tornado of low price 5 coordinate and workbench of P 2000 milling machine, and a series of products such as the fixed position platform that 6 freedom spend and miniature robot. Workbench of P2000 milling machine is one is used and the 6 freedom of online compose are spent use platform, it can provide an user as alone component, also can configure make milling machine of complete 5 coordinate vertical. Join workbench of P2000 milling machine and old common vertical milling machine suitably, turn main shaft component 180 ° , can make a milling machine of brand-new vertical of 5 coordinate numerical control very quickly, apply to treatment small-sized mould or appearance make. Software of numerical control system is developed by this company proper motion, hardware uses the control card of the personal computer of Window operating system and Delta-Tau company. Machine tool exterior is shown 5 times like the graph. Company of machine tool of Index of Germany of center of V100 vertical turning (Index-werke.

De) took the lead in rolling out the turning center that uses shunt-wound orgnaization 2000, became its couplet the automation line that machines swing tower spare parts again 2002, aborning application result is favorable. The exterior of the machine tool is shown 6 times like the graph. The structural characteristic of this machine tool is 3 pillar are secured go up in machine tool base, top is joined by polygonal frame. Every have guide on root pillar, slide finishs edge slideway shift in drive of ball silk lever, the lever that grows through 6 fixed lever a string of 1 main shaft component, make main shaft realizes the shift of 3 rectangular coordinates. The angle that analyses from shunt-wound orgnaization looks, this kind of configuration belongs to orgnaization of 3 lever paralell connection (Tripod) . On the perpendicular mesa of machine tool ahead, can install 8~12 secure cutting tool or rotate cutting tool, outside be being machined except the turning that finish, still can undertake sclerosis of milling, laser, laser beam welding is received, the working procedure such as grinding. The clever part that the machine tool designs still depends on: Main shaft divides the treatment that finish outside the task, return what assume work at the same time to assemble and unassemble, if pursue,7 are shown. From the graph 6 with the graph 7 in visible, of the machine tool all round have an annular conveyer belt, it will need treatment workpiece is ordinal in carrying the conduit with rear machine tool. When workpiece treatment ends, the conduit shield that is in working space is opened, main shaft puts the work that has processed to the clamping apparatus of conveyer belt, the work that needs the next treatment installs card automatically to be on main shaft chuck, main shaft rises to assemble and unassemble the action of manipulator. Move when main shaft to working station when, shield is shut automatically, main shaft is rotational, begin to have the treatment of next work. The numerical control system of the machine tool uses the Simumerik 840D of Xi Menzi company. Company of Renault Automation of France of machining center of Urane SX horizontal (Www.


Com) roll out machining center of Urane SX horizontal, its exterior is shown 8 times like the graph. This machine tool uses a series of new technologies, if milling of boring of main shaft of linear electromotor, report, high speed is mixed,oily mist does cutting to wait. This machine tool is used at machining the plane of casing of gearshift of Ranault car gear and aperture, use high speed cutting, efficiency is very tall. The shunt-wound orgnaization characteristic of the machine tool is to use orgnaization of 3 lever paralell connection, have very tall dynamic character, sudden shift can amount to 100m/min, the biggest acceleration can achieve 5g even. Distributing on the lathe bed of the machine tool have 3 levels guide, the slide edge slideway of linear electromotor is mobile. 3 slide pass orgnaization of 3 groups of parallel lever and versatile bore with a reamer and bearing of ball bore with a reamer to use platform and main shaft part, make main shaft realizes the shift of 3 coordinate direction. Company of machine tool of Herkert of Germany of machining center of SKM 400 horizontal (Www.


Com) roll out machining center of the SKM 400 with unique structure horizontal, it is machine tool of motion of paralell connection of a 3 lever, its exterior is shown 9 times like the graph. See from inside the graph, the left ahead configuration of the machine tool has numerical control system and capacity to be dish of shape knife library of 16 cutting tool, 3 adjustable staff are distributed on the coping horizontal in the machine tool and inclined pillar of or so two list, by the drive of ball silk lever of electromotor of hollow rotor servo. The extreme of 3 adjustable lever is collective component of bearing main shaft, coordinate of implementation X, Y, Z moves. Its characteristic is the lower part in main shaft component, configuration has brace orgnaization. This is a passive orgnaization, it has 2 freedom to spend, make main shaft component is circled fixed on machine tool base axes deflexion and around tilt, enlarged working space thereby, if pursue,10 are shown. This machine tool still deserves to have workbench of numerical control circumgyrate, basically use at machining casing kind spare parts, the athletic control of the machine tool uses system of Siemens 840D numerical control. Company of machine tool of DS Technologie of Germany of Ecospeed horizontal machining center (Www.


De) roll out Ecospeed model large machining center of 5 coordinate horizontal, use at machining the structural member of plane airframe, its exterior is shown 11 times like the graph. The main characteristic of this machine tool depends on the design of part of part of Z3 main shaft, it uses orgnaization of 3 lever paralell connection, its job principle is shown 12 times like the graph. See from inside the graph, there is the axial guide that distributings according to 120 ° on the wall of sleeve of main shaft component, the slide around on slideway of servo electromotor drive is mobile. Slide passes the housing of board shape connecting rod and versatile hinge and main shaft component to be linked together. If 3 slide synchronism moves, criterion the from beginning to end that main shaft component makes Z way is mobile. If certain servo electromotor is alone lever of drive ball silk, can make through versatile hinge A of edge of main shaft component or B coordinate are in ± swings inside 40 ° limits. Because plane airframe structural member is ply more not quite (do not exceed 300mm) Bao Bi spare parts, the mobile capacity control of coordinate of Z of machine tool main shaft is in 670mm less than, in order to raise main shaft part move, static stiffness. In addition, the client can choose the main shaft component of low torsion of low speed tall torsion or high speed according to need. Company of Reichenbacher of Germany of Pegasus lumber machining center (Www.


De) it is a production the small company that lumber treatment CNC Milling gives priority to. Roll out machining center of the Pegasus that uses shunt-wound orgnaization lumber recently, its exterior is shown 13 times like the graph. The structural characteristic of this machine tool is, use 3 groups of fixed lever to grow, the lever that two end have versatile hinge is, hinge of have the aid of parts lever department to be mixed with 3 mobile slide use platform connection. 3 slide all have respective linear electromotor primary winding, but they are common one is secured what go up in machine tool beam is sub. Change 3 mobile slide to be nodded relative to head of main shaft knife perpendicular and sectional (ZY coordinate is planar) distance, can realize knife head to nod the motion in direction of coordinate of X, Y, Z. Main shaft component is fixed moving platform to go up, it is comprised by electric main shaft and add circumgyrate orgnaization, with reality 5 coordinate of 4 ~ are machined. Configuration of machine tool structure is concise, work area is wide, workpiece assembles and unassemble convenient. Its main bearing component solders by armor plate and become, can make the machining center of double-faced workbench or water product line according to needing configuration. Pegasus lumber machining center uses system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D. CNC Milling CNC Machining