What aluminous profile extrusion die provides is reasonable use, safeguard reach management

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In company of aluminous profile production, mould cost is occupied in cost of profile extruding production 35% the left and right sides. The stand or fall of the mould and mould whether can reasonable use and safeguard, decided an enterprise directly whether can normal, eligible production gives profile to come. It is very abominable that extruding mould produces medium working requirement in profile extruding, need to bear below high temperature, high pressure already acuteness attrition, wear away action, and return need bear periodic load action. This needs a mould to have taller thermal stability, hot fatigue sex, hot wearability and enough tenacity. To satisfy above a few ask, use high grade 4Cr5MoSiV1 generally in home at present (American brand H13) alloy steel, use vacuum heat treatment to quench wait for means to make a pattern, in order to satisfy each requirement in aluminous profile production. However, in actual production, still partial pattern fails to achieve when extruding book crop, serious extruding is less than 20 clubs or go up even machine do not arrive 2 times to discard as useless ahead of schedule, cause the pattern that uses costly mould steeliness to make to cannot achieve its due beneficial result far. This kind of phenomenon is in a lot of domestic homes company of aluminous profile production exists generally at present. Investigate its cause of formation, need from proceed with of the following respects. One, aluminous profile is sectional itself is Protean, and aluminium squashs industry development arrives today, aluminium alloy has weight light, strength is good wait for main good point, at present already a lot of industries use aluminous profile to replace original material. As a result of partial profile special because profile is sectional and special,bring about a mould, design and the difficulty that make is greater. If still use the extruding method that uses convention to often be hard to achieve mould forehead a system of fixed quotas for grain production to measure, must use special technology, strict control produces on the rails of craft parameter ability each. And some moulds because itself profile is sectional special or the quality problem of mould itself, and bring about a mould to cannot squash to be measured to frontal a system of fixed quotas for grain production, this needs a salesperson to undertake be communicationed adequately with Technical Division and mould factory when accept the order. At the same time the mould designs the branch that make to need to optimize a mould to design a technology ceaselessly, raise a mould to make precision, improve mould quality. 2, the extruding type with right choice has production. Before undertaking squashing manufacturing, need to be opposite profile is sectional have sufficient consideration, according to the complex degree with sectional profile, mural large volume and extruding coefficient λ will determine extruder tonnage size. Will tell commonly, λ>7-10. When λ>8-45, the service life of the mould is longer, profile production process is relatively smooth. Belong to profile of more difficult extruding after λ>70-80, the pattern is general life is briefer. Product structure is more complex, bring about a mould more easily local tigidity is insufficient, the metal inside mould antrum flows be hard to incline to is even, accompany cause local stress concentration. When profile is produced, easy stuff model is mixed frowsty car or form screwy wave, the mould is incidental flexibility is out of shape, serious still can produce plasticity to be out of shape make the mould discards as useless directly. 3, base of logical choice ingot and heat temperature. Want to control the alloy part of extruding ingot base strictly. At present average company asks granuality of ingot casting brilliant achieves primary standard, with increasing plasticity is mixed reduce each opposite sex. There should be stomatic, organization in ingot casting loose or when having central flaw, of the gas in extruding process release similar " suddenly to blowout " , make a mould local working area is decreased suddenly carry to load, form local and huge concussion load, very big to mould influence. Conditional enterprise can undertake be changinged equably handling to ingot base, in 550~570C heat preservation 8 hour hind cool compulsively, extruding breaks through pressure to be able to reduce 7-10% , extruding rate can rise 15% the left and right sides. 4, optimize extruding craft. Want to prolong mould life scientificly, logical use pattern undertakes production is a respect that nots allow to ignore. Because the working requirement of extruding mould is very abominable, logical step must be adopted to ensure in extruding production the constituent function of the mould. (1) take appropriate extruding rate. In extruding process, when extruding rate is too rapid, can cause a metal to flow be hard to even, aluminous metal flows and aggravate of attrition of mould antrum wall causes mould work area to wear away quickly, mould temperature is actual more advanced phenomenon. If right now the metal is out of shape the more than heat of generation cannot be taken away in time, the pattern is likely because of local overheat invalidation. If extruding rate is appropriate, with respect to the happening that can avoid afore-mentioned undesirable consequence, extruding speed should be controlled commonly it is under 25mm/s. (2) temperature of logical choice extruding. Extruding temperature is heat by the mould temperature of temperature, canister flourishing ingot-shaped tablet and aluminous marvellous temperature will decide. Aluminous marvellous temperature is too low cause extruding force easily to lift or produce frowsty car phenomenon, the mould appears easily the flexibility of local minim is out of shape, or the position that amasses in stress produces crackle and bring about a mould inchoate discard as useless. Aluminous marvellous temperature can make the metal organizes bate high too, and make adhere takes the surface to block a model up even at mould job (serious when the mould collapses below high pressure) , not even ingot casting is reasonable heat temperature is in 460-520 ° C, the ingot casting that the course changes equably is reasonable heat temperature is in 430-480 ° C. 5, extruding mould use early days must undertake to the mould reasonable exterior nitriding handles a process. Exterior nitriding processing can make the mould raises the exterior hardness of the mould greatly below the premise that maintains enough tenacity, wear away in order to reduce the generation heat when the mould is used. Those who need an attention is exterior nitriding can not finish, 3-4 must undertake in mould enlistment second repeatedly nitriding processing, ply of layer of general requirement nitriding is achieved 0.

15mm left and right sides. Before after more appropriate nitrogen changes a process to examine to the plant is entered in the mould, undertaking leaning, second nitrogen is changed. Change an organization to still be not stabilized as a result of nitrogen right now, should be in extruding 5-10 after the club again nitrogen is changed. After the 2nd times nitrogen is changed, can squash 40-80 club. After the 3rd times nitrogen is changed with exceeding 100-120 the club is advisable. The job before nitrogen is changed is taken must polishing, should clear clean inside mould antrum, cannot remain alkaline broken bits or eyewinker grain. Usually the nitrogen of the mould changes a frequency not to exceed 4-5 second, if because if not be working area,right now nitrogen changes a layer,be being pulled, through relapsing nitrogen is changed and extruding is produced, nitrogen changes a layer to organize already relative stability. Those who want an attention is early days nitrogen when changing, want to pass appropriate manufacturing process to just can undertake nitrogen is changed, nitrogen spends a time cannot too frequent, work otherwise take easy delamination. 6, area of the work before the machine on the mould must pass abrade polish, working area asks polishing comes commonly lens face. Before the flatness that to the mould the job takes and verticality are assembled, should undertake checking. What the stand or fall that nitrogen dies quality decided the job takes polishing on certain level is bright and clean degree. Tall calm sb's anger and wool must be used inside mould antrum brush clear clean, must not have dust or foreign matter foreign body, drive next jobs that pull an injury extremely easily to take in what the metal flows otherwise, the profile product that makes extruding comes out appears face thick or underline wait for blemish. 7, time of heat preservation of the mould when extruding is produced is controlled in 2-3 hour commonly, but cannot exceed 8 hours, otherwise nitrogen of mould work area changes a layer to hardness can be reduced and be brought about on when machine not wear-resisting causes profile appearance coarse, serious meeting is caused underline wait for blemish. There should be the model that covers suitably with the mould to prop up when use mould, the model is covered and bearing is filled up, because the aperture inside bearing mat passes,avoid big and bring about a mould to export face and bearing mat interface too small, make the mould is out of shape or burst. Axis of canister of mould, extruding, extruding 3 person homocentric, homocentric degree for ±3mm less than, otherwise easy generation is prejudicial the design flow rate of each place changes load and pattern, influence profile shapes. 8, use correct alkaline wash (the model that boil) method. After mould discharge model, right now mould temperature is in above of 500 ° C, if instantly in immerge buck, because buck temperature wants to compare mould temperature low much, if mould temperature drops rapid, the mould produces craze phenomenon extremely easily. Accurate method is 100 ° set the pattern in air after model waiting for discharge - 150 ° C again in immerge buck. Common billabong combines a model to advance to unplug the model is operated all right in discharge model, can reduce workload of the model that boil greatly, shorten time of the model that boil. Particular way is extruding after the end, extruding lever backs down at extruding canister first, press Yu Liu to be in extruding canister, squash next the canister is regressive, but at the same time the partial incomplete aluminous be accompanying mould billabong Kong Zhong presses Yu Ba to go out, undertake again next alkaline boil. Some billabong set minimum of modular core head, finer than the pen even, after extruding of this kind of mould ends, do not allow to unplug model, when class of the standard that boil flies a model, must see well beforehand mould structure, the incomplete aluminium in must waiting for mould antrum boils ability basically to fly a model. Otherwise a bit not careful can bump core head, cause a mould to discard as useless. 9, the mould is used on use by low arrive tall again low use intensity. The mould just was entered enlist in army period when, in-house metal organizes function to still be in float phase, the work plan of low intensity should be adopted during this, in order to make mould Xiang Ping firm period transfer. The mould uses metaphase, because each function of the mould is in smooth condition basically already, similar with just adjusted too period car, can increase use strength appropriately. To later period, the metallic organization of the mould has begun aggravation, fatigue intensity, stability and tenacity enlist in army to had begun to drop through long-term production curve, answer to till the mould discards as useless,reduce the use intensity of the mould appropriately right now. 10, the use in strengthening a mould to produce a course in extruding defends a record, perfect what every cover a mould to dog record record and management. Extruding mould receives a mould to use an end to discard as useless from the check that enter a plant, this interlude is short criterion a few months, amount to a year of above longly. Basically will tell, the use record of the mould also account wears what profile produces each processes. Extruding mould amount big, breed is much, undertake administrative to the use process of every mould, the real case that the person that be helpful for helping mould librarian, mould use and mould design make personnel understand every to cover inventory mould. Of the mould dog the record includes: (1) the production information of the mould, include every to cover the blueprint paper of the mould, the record that make, examine record (precision value, hardness is worth) etc. (2) mould go up every time the craft information of machine extruding, if add speed of lukewarm time, aluminous marvellous temperature, mould temperature, extruding, extruding force, breakthrough,pressure, aluminous marvellous length, qualification tastes density of line of number, profile, become a useful person rate. (3) before 3 times of every mould long model plan, nitrogen changes the time of library of mould of processing time, discrepancy, time that discard as useless or returns mould factory to maintain and reason to wait, the collection of these records manages to improving a mould, cost of business accounting mould, optimize the mould design and stand or fall of quality of mould of long model, judge, stability that increases extruding production, logical use pattern, definite pattern the job such as inferior inventory is having immediate effect. Day of beneficial aggravate that aluminous profile market competes, force what company of each aluminous profile production provides in extrusion die to purchase, use, safeguard devoted and as tremendous as management energy, oneself intention is changed while this requirement enterprise is changing the extensive type previously to produce government, grab from detail, the statistical analysis that does good mould and cost use up management, ability gets used to new market condition, carry off in the market first machine. CNC Milling CNC Machining