What tire adds wheel pair of outfit ouch engine is finite yuan of analysis

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Summary: In assembling wheel of type wheel machine to use a process to be in, possible meeting generation atonies, after tire adds outfit ouch, the engine that because tire atonies,can prevent effectively and causes derails wait for grave accident. Introduced to impose load of outfit ouch plan, operating conditions and attrib border requirement, had wheel pair finite yuan of analysis, had intensity evaluation and comparative opinion. Keyword: Machine wheel is right; Tire atonies; Finite yuan wheel pair is the part that engine takes the most important in travel department, use extensively in our country assemble type wheel, its are comprised by axle, rim and tire, if pursue,1 is shown. The assembly that the graph shows 1 times type engine wheel pair, compare with solid wheel photograph, wear away when the flange of tire and tread after certain level, ding through changing new investment uses tire, prolonged the service life of wheel pair greatly. The tire that assembles type wheel and rim transfer traction and power of apply the brake through be filled with join too, because wear away,meet in using a process, temperature rise make actual interference is less than necessary interference, bring about opposite motion produces between tire and rim, this kind of opposite sports says to atony. Tire atonies can cause engine to derail wait for great and safe accident, be like on August 4, 2003 section of A of wheel of engine of 27031 goods train 1, 2, tire of 4 axial happening atonies outside the catastrophe failure of change is critical jockey, cause line of Gansu sea be issued to lower levels to interrupt 9 H. The engine that causes to prevent diesel locomotive to assemble type wheel tire to atony derails accident, put forward to give the plan that assembles tire of type engine wheel pair to add outfit ouch, if pursue,2 are shown. After tire of engine wheel pair adds outfit ouch, the engine that prevent tire effectively to atony and causes derails wait for grave accident. After tire adds outfit ouch, annulus of feel frustrated and tire cooperate a face to shorten, rim suffers outside power center move; Ouch chamfer ministry can have stress concentration inevitably. Afore-mentioned change that after tire of engine wheel pair adds outfit ouch, cause, does to wheel pair the stress in using a process reach his to distributing does condition have He Ying to ring? Whether to produce a change to the tread of tire and flange utilization reliability? Accordingly, must undertake analytic study to adding the wheel after installing ouch, provide academic basis to make sure railroad engine runs safety. Load of 1 analysis design condition and engine of attrib border condition are in drawing operating mode (or operating mode of apply the brake) when the change of the gross ril load that produces calls gross ril load to transfer. Engine walks along the structural type of a ministry and gearing to differ, the way that gross ril load changes is different also, it is with DF4B engine here exemple have consideration. DF4B diesel locomotive uses flexibility 4 by bear, the bogie with pensile independence of one department bedspring, its drawing electric machinery arranges buy to arrange, and around bogie traction motor decorates opposite bodywork intermediate semmetry. The gross ril load of DF4B diesel locomotive is transferred, fall in the action of traction for bogie relative to the tilting back ward before at bodywork chassis arises inclined the move of gross ril load between the move of gross ril load inside the bogie that cause and bogie. Because,engine is met when through the turn the action of orbit freeboard and centrifugal force, and the action of side wind and make of on same axle two wheels annulus produce change again. Action still has drawing gear to deliver the torque on axle in the load on wheel pair. Additional, as a result of,engine is in in moving process annulus the blemish of course surface, orbital is rough suitable, course is seamed those who wait for place to cause is dynamic carry on one's shoulder. When the analysis is calculated, must consider the action of afore-mentioned each load and impact integratedly. 2 finite of yuan of model build hypostatic geometry model is built below SolidWorks, when building a model, undertook simplifying necessarily to wheel pair, guide through Parasolid file format in ANSYS. Wheel pair model is axial symmetry, but wait as a result of traction have asymmetry sex, because this uses whole wheel here,have consideration. Of wheel pair finite if yuan of model pursues 3 are shown. Analysis of 3 computation result and evaluation graph 4, graph 5 be wheel pair of outfit ouch engine is added below load action finite the stress of yuan of analysis distributings cloud atlas, graph the stress that the 6 tire after installing ouch to add, rim cooperates face and axial of edge of ouch chamfer ministry distributings curve. Undertake evaluating by intensity theory to afore-mentioned computational results. (1) Jing Jiang spends analysis and assess to apply intensity to ask to make a wheel contented, the stress of the biggest Von Mises that each key position chooses the wheel should be less than wheel material succumb ultimate σ B, here σ B=420MPa, the computational formula of Von Mises stress is: (The roll of analysis of 2) fatigue intensity and assess as a result of the wheel, the stress that nods each on its is shown 3 to meet the stress condition that change, this second use equivalent stress reach equivalent and average stress to nod crucial point to undertake nucleus of fatigue intensity school each to the wheel. The requirement that fatigue intensity satisfies a requirement is each are nodded on the wheel (curious aspect except) fatigue safety factor should is more than be equal to 1, namely N ≧ 1. Its computation formula is: Reach the wheel at each bits of stress on crucial point is the greatest o'clock the correspondence on diametical direction to nod advocate extraction of stress value, average stress value comes out, each advocate stress value serves as enumerated data. Via analysing computation, its fatigue safety factor is: Among them A3 of σ A1, σ A1, σ gives priority to stress; M3 of M2 of σ M1, σ , σ gives priority to stress average stress of direction; σ - the 1 fatigue limit that leaves in symmetrical loop for material. K σ centers coefficient for effective stress; ε σ is dimension coefficient; β surface coefficient; Coefficient of loop of φ σ asymmetry. Fell to undertake analytic computation to having ouch wheel pair in similar attrib border requirement, undertook comparative. 4 conclusion fall in same attrib border condition, add the stress of tire of the wheel after installing ouch, especially the stress of tire ouch place increases somewhat, because the stress of ouch annulus chamfer is centered,this is, of rim and tire cooperate a face to shorten, rim gets power be caused by moves outside the center. Compare with the wheel that does not have ouch, was located in value of ouch place stress to increase 2O ~ 30MPa, but stress value still is in safe limit less than. Arrive to tire wear and tear the school nucleus of ultimate position wheel, value of static stress of its ouch place is 342. 71 MPa, be less than its to succumb intensity 420MPa; Safety factor N is its exhaustion 2. 2, be more than its allowable safety factor 1. Namely quiet intensity and fatigue intensity all satisfy a requirement. The wheel that adds outfit ouch and the wheel that did not add outfit ouch are in what identical load action leaves same limit position to compare, can see the wheel that adds the wheel that held ouch to install ouch than was not being added on stress value only big 20, 30MPa, and outside be in with rim contact besides tire, the stress of other position distributings the trend is roughly same. By above the analysis can be reached, assembling type wheel to add outfit ouch program is feasible. Inside ultimate position limits, can satisfy the requirement of quiet intensity and fatigue intensity. CNC Milling CNC Machining