The distinction of frequency conversion electric machinery and servo electric machinery

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: In actual life, we had seen a lot of electromotor, but we know it is electromotor only merely, if somebody asks: Can you know what electric machinery this is? We can laugh at the likelihood slightly only, perhaps appeal spend a woman! No matter be of the United States " industrial Internet " , of Germany " industry 4.

0 " , still be China " China is made 2025 " , servo electric machinery and frequency conversion electric machinery are mostly on the choice of electric machinery. But want detailed divisional servo electric machinery and frequency conversion electric machinery, not be an easy thing it seems that! The first concept is the frequency conversion servo in alternating current machine. Transducer resembles is that musical instrument in hand of rhythm Great Master, tweedle but Protean! Similar, frequency conversion is the 50Hz labour frequency, the alternating current of 60Hz first rectification becomes dc, pass next can control switch parts of an apparatus (IGBT, IGCT) , carrier wave frequency is the weaveform with adjustable frequency with PWM adjustment inversion. Simple transducer can adjust only the speed of alternating current machine. But the translate into of photograph of UVW3 of stator magnetic field that electric machinery of a lot of frequency conversion will communicated electric machinery now can control electric machinery rotate speed and torsion the heft of two electric current. The rate that can control electric machinery already so also can command the moment of force of electric machinery. Servo is controlled but assimilate to is the Cang Ying when preying. Goshawk preys of the movement fast, what the target locates is accurate! Same servo is controlled even if essence of life allows to locate and be answered quickly. Servo is the control that closes voltaic annulus, speed annulus, position annulus ability undertakes. The essence that communicates servo is in what the control way that the PWM kind that carries frequency conversion imitates dc machine will come true namely on the servo pilot foundation of dc machine, communicate servo electric machinery to have this one link of frequency conversion necessarily that is to say. The interior construction that knows servo electric machinery can open the veil of servo electric machinery. Servo electric machinery basically is formed by stator and rotor, there are two windings on stator, excitation winding and control winding. Its in-house rotor is permanent magnet or induction coil, guide magnetism material, rotor rotates in what arise by excitation winding the roll below the action of magnetic field. At the same time servo electric machinery takes coder oneself, driver is real time the feedback signal that accepts coder, undertake comparative will adjust the angle with rotational rotor according to feedback value and target cost again. See not hard from this, very old rate decides the control accuracy of servo electric machinery the precision at coder. Since had servo electric machinery that why even the existence of frequency conversion electric machinery? At present more general communication servo electric machinery is permanent magnetism synchronism to communicate servo electric machinery more, but the limitation that this kind of electric machinery gets technology, power is done very hard big, the synchronous servo price of ten made of baked clay above is high. Then people is willing to choose to dominate the electric machinery of communication asynchronous servo that summary Sun Yi prepares function more. At this moment driver is by high-end transducer and belt coder feedback annulus has pilot. Frequency conversion electric machinery asks in speed control and pitching moment control not tall circumstance application is more, also have adding the frequency conversion electric machinery that positional closed-loop control makes after having positional feedback signal, but its precision and answer not tall; Servo electric machinery applies in commonly have strict control demand, precision and answer the circumstance with high demand. For must, can close to be able to use servo control to replace almost with playground of frequency conversion pilot. But servo electric machinery and frequency conversion electric machinery are in actual application, have two big clear distinction. The price that is servo electric machinery wants electric machinery of outclass frequency conversion; The 2 power that are transducer can accomplish hundreds of Kw greatly most, taller even, but servo is the biggest also arrive a few Kw. The research and development of new product cannot leave a test, want to undertake to frequency conversion electric machinery and servo electric machinery accurate parameter checks, that must want to satisfy the requirement of bandwidth of electric machinery frequency. CNC Milling CNC Machining