Transform door of numerical control dragon with SIEMENS840D machining center

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Production company of reactor of hydrogenation of one heavy Dalian used system of SIEMENS840D numerical control to transform door of dragon of a numerical control machining center, after transforming, this machine tool restored to design a requirement formerly entirely not only, and machine tool work efficiency rises greatly, reflected the high-tech of system of SIEMENS840D numerical control, tall stability adequately. Door of dragon of this numerical control machining center is made at was being produced 1983 by German WALDRICHCOBURG company, the machine tool is double dragon Menjuke is operated with alone control, model is 20-10-600CNC. Primary machine tool shares X1 axis, XA1 axis (synchronism of double dragon door is mobile) , Y axis (slide) , Z axis (ram) , W1 axis, WA1 axis (crossbeam synchronism moves) , S axis (main shaft) , C axis (rotate workbench) , , deserve to have 12 accessory head. Former control system uses SIEMENS8MC numerical control to control a system, x axis uses the synchronous requirement that rotates to transformer does the position to detect and deserve to make sure with thick line of mechanical and synchronous transmission pillar is mobile. Other control axis uses inductive synchronized to become positional detecting element, crossbeam shift uses dc motive to series connection moves and deserve to maintain the synchronism of transmission with thick line of mechanical and synchronous transmission, set electromotor of communication fine tuning to be used as what adjust in a side. Machine tool drive uses imitate dc servo to control entirely. Standards of machine tool technology and parameter: X axis journey: 0- - 27000mm, speed: 5- - 10000mm/min; Y axis journey: 0- - 8000mm, speed: 5- - 6000mm/min; Z axis journey: 0- - 1000mm, speed: 5- - 3000mm/min; W axis journey: 0- - 3900mm, speed: 5- 2000mm/min; Main shaft has directional function, 2 archives, first gear revolution is 6 ~ 275r/min; Second gear revolution is 17 ~ 750r/min. Of numerical control system transform the system of SINUMERIK8MC numerical control that chooses system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D to transform planer-type milling machine of former numerical control. New system includes " 10.

Monitor of 4" color TFT(OP031) , MMC103 takes hard disk. MMC software version is 5.

3 version, WINDOWS95 operating system, "3.

5" soft drive, mouth of R232 standard communication. NCU is 572.

3 systems, 5 what software version is 840D.

3 version. PLC uses S7-300 to input / output module, the PROFIBUS interface that uses system of 840 numerical control at the same time is added install 13 S7-ET200BPLC module (among them) of module of two imitate output, build 4 long-range control to assign a station. This interface number is according to transmitting speed 1.

5Mbaudrate, outclass X122 interface 187.

The transmission speed of 5Kbaudrate, raised data to transmit speed. Xi Menzi is used between each minutes of station cable of special news report, have data news report with CPU, save control cable to use a measure namely so, also lowered electric fault rate. This machine tool still has function of dragon door axis to reach advocate - from the function (basically solve X1, XA1, synchronism of W1, WA1 moves) and function of 5 axes linkage, chinese shows, fixed loop of the standard, have the systematic function of 840D standard. The configuration of drive system and electromotor chose electromotor of system of drive of servo of number of Xi Menzi 611D and servo of 1FT6 series communication to transform X1 axis, XA1 axis, y axis, z axis, w1 axis, WA1 axis, s axis, choose module of number of Xi Menzi 611D to undertake controlling. PLC part chooses Xi Menzi S7 - 300 transform former S5-PLC with S7-ET200B. Use Control Panel of SIEMENS840D standard machine tool and user operation face plate to realize a few auxiliary movements of the machine tool and function. Setting of function of machine tool standard passes function of standard of basis primary machine tool above all, devise electric principle plan by oneself, organize field assembly to debug undertake PLC, NC debugging on-line. Through choosing ruler of HEIDENHAIN linear grating (LB382C) changes former Y axis, Z axis, W1 axis, WA1 axis surveys a system. The increment coder that uses HEIDENHAIN (ROD485) changes coder of buy of former X position of axle, main shaft is directional coder. Function of X axis synchronism uses 2 increment coder (ROD485) . The synchronism of two electromotor runs the rod of X1 of implementation of function of dragon door axis that uses 840D, XA1 axis. Function of W axis synchronism uses rule of LB382C linear grating (the left and right sides installs) of feet of a linear grating each. Use the function of dragon door axis of 840D, the synchronism of 2 electromotor runs implementation W1 axis, WA1 axis, set fine tuning electromotor to move what crossbeam level adjusts to use as the hand in WA1 side. The immediateness that the immediateness that main shaft basis installs on ram installs on switch and accessory milling head switch combination is different, adopt PLC to program, can undertake automatic, hand uses installation accessory milling head and different accessory milling head different power limitation, in order to protects accessory milling head not to exceed power to undertake workpiece cutting. Machine tool data deploys the door of numerical control dragon to a standard machining center, according to the machine tool real work need made data of the following machine tool configure. X1, XA1, y, z, w1, WA1, the NC parameter of S axis is configured; X1, XA1, y, z, w1, WA1, the drive parameter of S axis is configured; X1, XA1, y, z, w1, WA1, the drive of S axis is optimized; X1, XA1, y, z, w1, the pitch of WA1 axis is compensated. Operate a station to undertake hardware configuration to each users on the machine tool through PROFIBUS bus line online reach set. The user that set a top calls the police to weave and show of information and operation information, the implementation of function of level of system of control of the to program that accessory head assembles and unassemble, 840D. The design of PLC control program and debugging on-line besides the design this machine tool works normally outside the PLC process that requires all sorts of functions, be aimed at at door of dragon of this numerical control machining center is special function, also made programming of the following PLC reach debug. Use two increment coder, the PLC programming of function of synchronism of axis of door of X axis dragon and debug. Use rule of two LB382C linear grating, the PLC programming of function of synchronism of axis of door of W axis dragon and debug. Automatic, hand uses W axis beam programming of tone smooth PLC and debug. The PLC programming that the power of main shaft and accessory milling head limits and debug. The immediateness that is close to the installation on switch and accessory milling head according to what install on ram switch combination is different, of all sorts of accessory milling head identify automatically reach the PLC programming that assemble and unassemble debug; Cutting tool assists milling head to assemble and unassemble the PLC programming that the hand when breakdown uses urgent processing and debug; Of crossbeam pitch tilting back ward (the device that sweep a knife) PLC programming and debug; To the PLC program of each coordinate axis spacing, programming of each reference axis Reference and debug; The user that asks according to the machine tool calls the police information and the PLC programming that handle information and debug. Breakdown of numerical control machine tool calls the police to reach maintenance technology personnel to machine tool handlers, very big effect has in operation and maintenance, because breakdown of this this machine tool calls the police,delimit cent level design is: The machine tool is urgent stop, reach relevant movement to stop accordingly, call the police corresponding action suspends after clew delay time, call the police clew. The machine tool is designed to detect automatically main shaft accessory uses power, when achieving bear of the biggest set generation calls the police information, corresponding feed action suspends when exceeding load of the biggest set. Use simple Chinese language to have a description to calling the police, offer relevant breakdown to diagnose information. To protect a machine tool, after calling the police corresponding breakdown, diagnostic information not deal with is moved keep clear of to be not eliminated automatically. Afore-mentioned information undertake on CNC monitor Chinese shows set. The bed safety protection, PLC programming that operates each other lock and debug. The PLC programming that includes main shaft to shift gear and debug; The PLC programming that each users operate station hand to use a function and debug, face plate of numerical control system and face plate of patulous machine tool are debugged; The PLC programming of other and auxiliary function and debug. Through deploying system of SIEMENS840D numerical control, system of drive of servo of number of Xi Menzi 611D and electromotor of servo of 1FT6 series communication and choose number of module of number of Xi Menzi 611D, S7-300 to measure an input to export the hardware such as module, ET200B module. Use Xi Menzi special TOOLBOX software, undertake PLC programming and data of machine tool of NC of system of 840D numerical control are configured correctly, debug a success, achieved primary machine tool to design a function, inside very short time test-drive succeeds, devoted production is used. In the meantime, also make we knew advantage of system of SIEMENS840D numerical control can, accumulated design of numerical control machine tool and debugged experience. CNC Milling CNC Machining