Mould mixture cutting tool is machined -- " hit the target casting is decided "

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Treatment of mould mixture cutting tool is to be in same a mould crock is medium the craft with fused tool steel and grey cast-iron mouth, can shorten substantially so manufacturing time. This one conception comes from Camito of the one wife and children of Si Telun of husband of Swedish black the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces company. Company name " Camito " be " mould mixture cutting tool is machined (Cast Mix Tooling) " abbreviate. When the patriarch when Camito holds presiding apparitor Christer Svensson concurrently to offerred this one think of a way first 2001, got each just are oppugned however, because the fused ash mouth of his place pursuit is cast-iron,this basically is with tool steel special technology is basic nonexistent. His memory says, "Our early is corroded with respect to what contacted Sweden with metallic institute KIMAB, the person over there says to do not have relevant file account to describe how or whether in same a mould crock is medium with ' wet right wet ' methodological mould the metal that these differring. They say this method is unworkable at the beginning. " but the abecedarian checks,show it is feasible however. Went 6 years now, this technology already won patent, and the presiding apparitor that Christer Svensson became new company. He hopes to proceed is developed and invest, the die of automobile body spare parts that is new model thereby (shape cutting tool is machined) this one very the manufacturing technology of take time brings major change. Svensson says: "We had been in to this one conception Woerwo (Volvo) the test had on a spare parts inside C70 car trunk, still be in at the same time Ao Di (Audi) with Sa rich (Saab) the test on the car. Expand namely next produce can, so that use this method to whole car project, is a component not merely go up. " auto industry front is faced shorten the pressing demand of product development time, because this this one new technology drew attention of quite a few. In addition, the life of new fund model is shortening. Future, a model predicts to have only 3 years life. To enlarge a sale, car manufacturer must produce a certain number of planting on a platform model. Actually the distinction between different model basically is automobile body, the total sale that this produces business to the car is politic inereasingly important. But should produce new automobile body for every model, its craft needs to expend many time and money. Sheet is to be used at making the die of automobile body produce to need 10 to 12 months. Svensson says, "Every automobile body has about 350 different parts, need about 750 different die a future life to produce. With respect to a model character, development and the cost that produce these cutting tool are Ke Lang of 1 billion Sweden about. " Svensson is in Sweden Wo Erwo Motor Corporation of Wuluofusitelun worked 30 years, hold the position of cutting tool and die branch manager 7 this years all the time recently, his duty limits still includes to produce the plant of special cutting tool of equipment for automobile body. Make in this job process he arose to develop the conception of new method 1998 just about. He says, "Regard branch as the manager, a lot of my jobs are to search can shorten the new method that produces time. Finally, our discovery has gone to the end. Be in just about this moment, I realize need studies we produce the method of die straight from the shoulder, this is endless the craft that holds high with the price, go 30 years or 40 years since had not made marked change. Today, the man-hour with a lot of high cost is cost twisting screw to install tool steel perch with manual means, and these tool steel with its distinctive configuration, made the automobile body with different avery kind of. The method of Camito is will simple grey mouth cast-iron or nodular cast iron (use as only frame) be together with important tool steel mould. " he continues to say, "Simple and character, this is meant make a whole modular case according to the client's blueprint above all, next cram tool steel. Can use after in a way is cooling ' wet right wet ' the method joins grey mouth cast-iron, so different metal is in interface fusion, but won't mix together however. " after passing a few treatment, die is made namely end, and be a complete, car manufacturer need not cost a large number of man-hour to be every spare parts of tool steel to twist screw with manual means. Svensson says, "Basically will tell, saved man-hour so, at the same time managing also expensive stuff, because we use the tool steel of need only, and need not the spare part with many cut away. " Christer Svensson computation gives die production to be able to shorten the time of about 30% . After using new method, manufacturing time should from now 10 shorten to 12 months 7 to 8 months. Svensson says, "The most important of course is, we can shorten the product appears on the market time. But also have forecast a number to show, product campaign shortens a week is OK and managing 2 million (Sweden) special fund of Ke Lang. " corrode in Sweden after having initial test with metallic institute KIMAB, job of research and development take-overs by the NovaCast technology company that is located in Swedish Long Ne to compare, undertake as working development, this company also bought Camito. Besides offerring die for the automobile body spare parts of auto industry, novaCast technology company also reachs his to divide the production that include business to be used at methodology for global car line of business, emulate and craft pilot software. Svensson says, "Because this method is brand-new, cost a long time to undertake develop and checking so, with achieving quality goal completely. And we had won patent of a whole world now, casting what the factory offers this technology to groom for a few with accredit. The problem is the mould technology that this involves two kinds to differ completely, can master these two kinds of skills cast a factory not much. But we had parted to cast a factory to provide authorization to in Sweden, Turkey and Spain, still can more will cast a factory to obtain authorization henceforth. " Svensson says, but 2007, camito will be engaged in already appearing on the market partly only the project of the model (the good luck that this is implementation change) . Rise from 2008 however, produce can will get sufficient progress, make the company is likely thereby brand-new all cutting tool that the model provides place to need. "Because time is the biggest profit, arrive when the methodological application of Camito accordingly when all die production, can bring above all comprehensive managing, " Svensson says. To assure cutting tool quality, camito has overcome coke with hill spy dimension full, Rydverken (the metal machines a company) , Uddeholm (supplier of cutting tool steel) and Gemco (seek advice to cast metallic industry to offer, the Holand company that casts Wu of project, project management kimono. Svensson says he hopes to this means can develop and use other product field. He had received the inquiry that comes from different domain now. He says, "This is about how applying this to plant the method produces electromotor airframe, bearing the problem with machine tool base. Regrettablly we still handle these issues without resource, but in the plan that this has brought into us to did not come. But in the plan that this has brought into us to did not come.. CNC Milling CNC Machining