The data of system of FANUC numerical control is protected

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One, the classification of data of system of FANUC numerical control 1.

Lose sexual data easily: Parameter of program of department of coordinate of compensation of compensation of machine program, parameter, pitch error, grand parameter, cutting tool, workpiece, PMC, PMC; The support after the machine tool cuts off the power controls the batteries on unit to undertake saving. 2. Blame is easy the data that lose a sex: Basically point to systematic software, in be being put at showing memory quickly. 2, after back up in what guide systematic screen appearance to have data and restoring machine tool set up an electric circuit, system of FANUC-0i-MA numerical control can be started automatically lead a system, read software extraction NC to move in DRAM, and guide systematic screen appearance to be below general normal situation, won't show, but when back up and restoring what have data, must appearance of screen of v guiding system. Memory is dominating the user data in unit SRAM (include parameter, machine program and cutting tool compensation to wait) after machine tool dump, it is the battery unit that goes up in control unit by installation undertakes saving. 1.

V guides systematic picture: Operate clew: After systematic electrify, two finger press screen lower part at the same time on the right side of two soft key. 2.

Nextpage(1) of backup PMC program presses soft key " UP " " DOWN " choice " SYSTEM DATA SAVE " ; (2) presses " SELECT " key, enter picture of systematic data backup; (3) presses soft key " UP " or " DOWN " choice " PMC-RA " , press next " SELECT " key; (4) presses soft key " YES " , undertake " PMC " the backup of the program; (5) presses " SELECT " key, the backup of program of the PMC that finish. 3.

Restore PMC order (1) chooses " SYSTEM DATA LOANING " , press next " SELECT software " ; (The PMC-RA of correspondence of 2) make choice of.

000 files, press next " SELECT software " . 4. The photograph of unit process of cargo bandling of user data protection and PMC program protection is similar. 3, use personal computer has data backup and restore 1. Means of use RS232C serial communication undertakes data backs up; Computer end and machine tool carry software of the set of communication agreement, telecommunication cable, communication. 2. Means of use network communication undertakes data backs up. The set of date of address of the installation that machine tool net blocks and configuration, IP, port; Machine tool end is in monitoring condition; The computer carries software installation, establish communication connection with the machine tool, data backup operation. CNC Milling CNC Machining