What do numerical control cutting tool and common cutting tool have to distinguish?

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Numerical control cutting tool is mechanical the tool that in making, is used at cutting treatment, call cutting the tool again. The cutting tool of broad sense includes cutting tool already, still include to grind; At the same time " numerical control cutting tool " outside the bit that uses except cutting, still include the accessory such as arbor and knife handle! In the application on the numerical control machine tool of high-powered, high accuracy, to gain stability and good treatment efficiency, general logarithm charges cutting tool from the design, make and use raised taller than common cutting tool requirement, the main distinction of numerical control cutting tool and common cutting tool is in the following respects: 1, the spare parts appearance that the   of production quality   of high accuracy gives high accuracy to stabilize treatment, be opposite consequently cutting tool (include cutting tool part) make in surface roughness of precision, surface, form the respect such as tolerancepublic errand raised stricter than common cutting tool requirement, especially but dislocation cutting tool, to ensure bit point of a knife (cutting blade) the repetition in the dimension after dislocation precision, surface roughness of the dimension of the crucial position such as chamfer of cutter hub knife and fixed position spare parts and precision, surface must give strictly assure, be opposite to facilitate cutting tool is in at the same time measure of Dao Yi to knife and dimension, tool reference plane machines precision to also should assure. 2, of cutting tool structure optimize the cutting tool structure with   advanced   to be able to improve cutting efficiency greatly, if cutting tool of milling of high-speed steel numerical control is on the structure more already use undee blade and structure of big helix angle, hard alloy but dislocation cutting tool was used inside cooling, razor blade stands outfit type, module can be changed and adjustable type construction, and be like inside cooling structure, common general accuracy machine tool cannot apply. 3, the   of wide application   of high grade material is cutting tool prolong cutting tool service life, increase cutting tool strength, the cutter hub material of cutting tool of a lot of numerical control used high strenth alloy steel, hand-in-hand travel heat treatment (if nitrogen is changed,wait for finishing) , make its can apply to big cutting dosage, and cutting tool life also is able to show rise (what common cutting tool uses commonly is the medium carbon steel that processes character through tone) . On material of ministry of cutting tool blade, numerical control cutting tool is more the hard metal that chose all sorts of new names (fine grained or exceed fine grained) and exceed material of strong cutting tool. 4, reasonable the requirement with the chooses the application on machine tool of     numerical control strict to breaking bits chamfer to have cutting tool of the chamfer that break bits. When treatment, cutting tool is ceaseless bits criterion machine tool cannot work normally (machine tool of some numerical control, cutting is undertake below the condition that close) , accordingly no matter numerical control car, mill, get or boring machine, bit actors or actress chose those who be aimed at different treatment material and working procedure is reasonable the chamfer that break bits, make can get stabilizing bit when cutting. 5, the occurrence of technology of coating of surface of   of coating processing   and develop what main factor charges cutting tool to appear to be born with development. Because coating can be shown,raise cutting tool hardness, reduce attrition, improve cutting efficiency and service life, can turn in of all kinds hard alloy so the 80% above of a numerical control cutting tool used coating technology. CNC Milling CNC Machining