Hill tall EPB GRAFLEX cuts down cost to amount to 70%

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When the compressor technology ministry of company of Atlas Copco India is machining DX95 cylinder body, boring of thick, essence is working procedure of a bottleneck all the time. The Graflex system of hill tall EPB tries to use the rotate speed that compares existing boring system to break up times raise fivefold cutting parameter to overcome this bottleneck with feed. Its are handling time shortens from 360 minutes as a result only 70 minutes. The company of M/S Arjun of boring cutter of tall EPB Graflex of cylinder body hill that is used at compressor of Atlas Copco DX95 (hill is in high the agent of Nasik) outside company of Subodh Sawant, ATLASCOPCO assist group controller Vikram Ghodke, Victory Fab&The business distributing a packet of Engg(ATLAS COPCO company) Mahesh Varpe of engineer of tall sale of Mandar Kaushik and hill. Limited company of Atlas Copco India is Atlas Copco AB the one part of the group that cross a state, two when it begins to be in two ground of Indian Pune and Nasik from 1960 production centers begin production to make. The production unit of two ground undertakes the production of tool of building, mining, project and compressor is made. Level increases in high speed, of crop outside rising to want those who carry a part normally assist treatment will satisfy demand ability to come true. Take DX95 cylinder body for, because its market demand is big, have urgent need to improving productivity so. Consider and recommend the cutting tool that can enhance productivity and cost competition ability what hill high company is invited to participate in this application. After studying manufacturing application, hill high group recommends boring cutter of two EPB Graflex to be used at thick, finish machining, replace the rod of 4 kinds of traditional boring that uses formerly on their horizontal machining center. The system of Graflex thick boring that bit forms of a flight of stairs on knife clip can save an add boring rod that is used at semifinishing machining, and cutting tool of Graflex essence boring has diametical way 2.

The dimension of 5 micron moves energy-saving force, mean do not need to use boring tool exceeding essence of life. When boring cutter of hill tall EPB Graflex is machining an experiment, raise cutting parameter 400RPM and 240mm/min from 50mm/min of speed of the rotate speed 200RPM that uses formerly, feed. Of this kind of parameter rise to shorten handling time from 360 minutes only 69 minutes, and win surface roughness of consistent aperture, surface and other precision demand. This successful case also is duplicated other norms, obtained very good total cost likewise managing effect. Outside assist explanation of group controller Vikarm Ghodke says: "Because we are in a of France production center to using the EPB Graflex system with expensive hill, when should inviting company of hill tall India to have this research, we have enough hope to them. Their very good response the requirement that we raise productivity in the most crucial working procedure, and final result is we complete this crucial process with handling time of 70 minutes only now, this working procedure should spend 6 hours in the past. Because every workpiece saved, this resembles is to 3 additional machine tools will complete this application. Had the help of hill tall EPB, we are already managing the finished cost of more than 70% . Now, we already us all boring cutter serve as a standard with hill tall EPB. EPB Graflex system is the key that productivity has this kind to rise. The join way that bolt of two balls head and drive of a rabbet make makes sure the surface contact of 100% is mixed between join the torque of 100% is delivered. Graflex is a brand of hill tall EPB. CNC Milling CNC Machining