The commonly used milling cutter on numerical control machine tool

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One, face milling cutter, the circumferential surface of face milling cutter and end panel have cutting blade, blade of the cutting that carry a department is deputy cutting blade. Face milling cutter makes whole set type set tine structure more, tooth is high-speed steel or hard alloy, cutter hub is 40Cr 2, establish milling cutter, the cylinder that establishs milling cutter has cutting blade on the surface and end panel, they can undertake cutting at the same time, also can undertake cutting alone. The cutting blade that establishs surface of milling cutter cylinder gives priority to cutting blade, the cutting blade on end panel is deputy cutting blade. Attention, because stand,is groove among the end panel of milling cutter, can not do axial feed so. 3, mould milling cutter, his structural characteristic is a ball cutting blade resented on head or end panel, circumferential blade and circular arc of ball head blade join, can make radial and axial feed. 4, keyway milling cutter, it has two tooth, columnar face and end panel have cutting blade, end panel blade is delayed to the center. When treatment first axial feed reachs trough deep, give key seat along keyway direction mill next full-length. 5, bosomy form milling cutter, on the round dambered surface that his cutting blade distributings to be R in radius, end panel does not have cutting blade. The control when treatment leaves the position on cutting tool, corresponding the cutting position of this edge, can cut on workpiece from lose different bevel. R is smaller, the bevel angle range that bosomy form milling cutter can machine is wider. 6, figuration milling cutter, for specific work or treatment content commonly special design is made. Return a little general milling cutter, but because main shaft taper hole has,fasten, must make up transfer to cover and pull a hammer CNC Milling CNC Machining