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Mature further as the technology and make cost reduce, technology of hot flow path shows huge advantage more and more. The standardization that the promotion of technology of hot flow path also made its component and special change, in addition, respect of technology of manufacturing programme controll can offer more alternative, business of these treatment of advantageous Wu Bangzhu optimize process of the production that note model, improve product quality. 48 antrum fall into system of road of type thermal current, have a powerful person to sell linkage function, suit medical utility particularly. System of road of thermal current of pharmacy line of business records model part with respect to pharmacy line of business and character, need the much antrum mould with top quality and part normally. EWIKON is aimed at all sorts of demand of pharmacy industry, offer the solution of hot flow path of adjust measures to local conditions. Its product includes applicable Wu Di cost batch production is medical the standardization system of one-time product, what also include safety to undertake high accuracy component shapes is cabinet model system of runner of type of a powerful person of much model antrum. Current, runner of type of a powerful person already became the first selection means of a variety of medicine utility. Use runner of type of a powerful person, can ensure top dot runner quality, eliminate runner vestige, avoid warpage, can shorten below most circumstance periodic time. The system of much model antrum that deserves to a powerful person sells associated movement function is particularly applicable at medical utility. Whole a powerful person or family is sold all secure in same drive board on, drive board is held by system of one or more central drive accuse. Such, can ensure all runner is opened accurately at the same time, high accuracy fill each modular antrum, ratio of defects is extremely small, fit the part with extremely small weight of Wu Zhu model particularly. The another advantage of this one technology is in at, the mould can be inside dinky space layout. When combining small-sized hot flow path to note the mouth to use, the span between runner can narrow 12 millimeter. Be aimed at all sorts of utility with extremely high demand, EWIKON was developed base the system of runner of type of dynamoelectric a powerful person of technology of Wu Bujin electric machinery. This one clean drive system can eliminate the risk that the impurity in air pollutes, because of utility of room of this particularly applicable Wu Jing. German HEITEC company also was rolled out recently especially applicable the Star-Line that packs an industry at medicine fixes mouth series new product. Star-Line is new-style note the mouth to use linear to arrange, base the Star-Line that at the adoption that rolls out before this circular pointed tip arranges fixes mouth series product. Runner and weather strip are not altering can use repeatedly below the circumstance, do not need to cost high cost to open modular antrum consequently. Like original structure, pass what insert pointed tip insert component surface directly at the same time, can form runner. The mould divides modular line to secure an edge to finish constructional after, just undertake pointed tip insert is installed. Such, can ensure safeguard and maintenance is very convenient and quick. This notes the mouth to suit Wu Cheng particularly model long model Bao Bi goods, for example pipette and injector needle canister. By Wu Zhu the mouth uses parallel to arrange, goods can irrigate from both sides directly. Such, can avoid inject pressure to cause Bao Xin deflective be out of shape. New-style supervisory system is during Frankfurt EuroMold exhibition, PSG company introduced this company to use visual technology to realize development and the experience that produce process vitrification. The emphasis that shows includes innovation hot flow path to control box TEMP-command to analyse a tool. TEMP-command system deserves to unifinication touchs screen, can undertake to producing flow intuitionistic change and the file changes processing. Primary tool can be in switch on the mobile phone reveal through controlling an area to be clear about accordingly on indication screen. The greatest value of the system is in hint at reduced form user. Each main function of hot flow path can pass onefold menu to call, include a mould to inspect function, ground characteristic and automatic affirmatory rake and rake are adjusted. From open accident to wait for each respects to wiring mistake all right, TEMP-command new-style system can provide the unified information related flow. In the meantime, the system still can show wiring error, offer the supportive point that the mistake corrects to operator. The EVG system of the Mold-Masters of runner of type of dynamoelectric a powerful person that joins modular force high is applicable at consumption electronic product, pharmacy, pack, the domain such as consumable. Up to now, runner of type of dynamoelectric a powerful person still is spent dynamoelectric piston overheat, periodic time by finite, a powerful person movement tall, force combining a model is not worth slow, price the limitation that waits for an element. In December 2008 EuroMold of 3-6 day Germany is exhibited during the meeting, mold-Masters company rolls out function spy a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale to actor or actress the runner of type of dynamoelectric a powerful person at pneumatic system (EVG) . Compare with traditional pneumatic system and photograph of system of runner of type of congener and dynamoelectric a powerful person, mold-Masters only runner of type of handsome and dynamoelectric a powerful person has higher power combining a model, pneumatic driver is below certain circumstance double of force combining a model. By use unique design at driver, a powerful person sells shift to be able to be in 0.

Finish inside 1 second, the overall cycle that note model does not exceed 1 second. Compare with driver of runner of type of traditional a powerful person or family, runner of type of dynamoelectric a powerful person but energy-saving amount to 90% , do not produce any atomic pollution, suit to apply at clean room particularly. Besides energy-saving advantage, runner of type of EVG dynamoelectric a powerful person still can reduce plank cost, the reason is in do not need to get at this system make atmospheric pressure or hydraulic pressure chamfer, do not jam bore cop, also do not need conduit / vitta fittings. Regard standardization as the system, this one system uses combined-type design, at disassemble come with Wu Wei mould. Its controller deserves to have simplify type touchs screen, have sort to runner of type of a powerful person at die manufacturer, or specific standard antrum is shut below the condition that does not change pointed tip temperature, and cannot accomplish this by system of hydraulic pressure of bore cop connective. The challenge PLA that the treatment of PLA of system of hot flow path of lactic acid of Nextpage applicable Wu Ju brings is at first in order to squeeze model film and press those who spin fibrous form to appear in the market. PLA also applies gradually now shape at inject craft. Market application and current level polystyrene (GPPS) is similar, it is certain to be contained get together to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid ester (of PET) special a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale. The processability of PLA can be special the main challenge of inject of treatment of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale PLA is in at, PLA and PLA mix thing in all very sensitive to cut and be being heated up. Once be stationed in,leave time to grow too, PLA is dividing sub level to decompose, bring about material to become yellow, can cause certain and main mechanical function to disappear even sometimes. The another defect of PLA is to won't be cut attenuate. Below the circumstance of high speed and high pressure, in longer flow the distance machines the meeting when thin wall spare parts to appear a few problems. Want to avoid these problems to must notice to consider the largest volume of machine makings canister. The largest amount ejaculation glue of Injection Molding spare parts and hot flow path must many at makings canister 50% of the largest volume. This conduce at avoid to be stationed in needlessly take time and quantity of heat, increase the strength of material and spare parts. By compare polystyrene at speed of PLA heat conduction slow, the polystyrene part that produces the runner mark of manufacturing spare parts to also be like with respect to comparison is clear. This causes by a few kinds of reasons: PLA asks to not have cut fuse-element flow path, accordingly, the port choosing form that the groovy type port that uses perforative flow path sheds a passageway than setting branch is more effective. The port of perforative passageway can leave lubricious way on the spare parts not quite, but may make runner mark becomes taller. Want to reduce runner mark to be about to convey quantity of heat to the place of close water mouth as far as possible highly, and PLA makes want this Mo to do very difficult to hot sensitivity. The architect still needs to consider cooling challenge. PLA comes loose than traditional material heat is slow, because this needs longer cooling time. This means the material that was not developed to heat up flow path to be able to keep longer time inside manifold, the time of be heated is corresponding also and longer. A lot of application of the note Injection Molding of modular antrum for example container, one-time tableware and commodity and the mould that the one-time box that pack means need to have accent of a lot of models. Much model antrum needs internal flow capacious normally multilayer manifold of hot flow path. If want,through shortening the diameter of flow path passageway is made up for, can increase cut. Accordingly, when use PLA records part of model thin wall, the modular antrum of every mould wants fewer. If Injection Molding technology is proper, PLA can produce a very good activity hinge, but need to notice, if does not make archetypal treatment to design of the hardware that note model first, be in very short very thin dimensional cram PLA can appear problem. The component of nozzle of hot flow path that the solution of hot flow path of PLA heats up company of technology of Injection Molding of international of D-M-E of flow path manufacturer to make suits to machine such as PLA most such amylaceous acid ester. Before this, the having that the person that PLA mould is used must make according to Wright antacid is anti-corrosive nozzle part. The nozzle component that manufacturer of hot flow path produces is in " all " or be " approximately all " anticorrosive mode is not " standard " . Component of major nozzle of hot flow path aims at public marketplace, each demand of the PLA that because this can not satisfy article place certainly,discusses. The production need that suits to heat up flow path at PLA deserves to have high wear-resisting anticorrosive the component, hot section plane that suits PLA and will cut the smallest the nozzle point of a knife that turn, consider low pressure and individual cooling demand even. Be aimed at the demand that PLA and colophony of other live thing expand ceaselessly, when if choose system of hot flow path,processing this kind of data, should ensure contented above place is enumerated all sorts of demand, realize successful, economy to control a production efficiently thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining