Machine of high power Laser Cutting

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Laser Cutting is the best cut method in all sorts of cut skills that people place masters nowadays, compare with traditional cut photograph, the advantage of Laser Cutting depends on: Heat is out of shape precision of small, cut tall, noise small, free from contamination, implement automatic cut easily, although earlier investment is large, but finished cost wants than machining little 50% . Laser Cutting is having the advantage that traditional cut cannot replace, be sure to make the mainstream product of cut industry. G3015LSLaser Cutting machine is Shenzhen city big a group of things with common features of the domestic top end that Inc. of laser science and technology develops development independently have international machine of a kind of of advanced level new-style Laser Cutting, it is the most mature to use construction of the stablest and reliable dragon door type, x axis introduces drive of double linear electric machinery, use the exact location part such as RENISHOW grating feet, entrance high accuracy is linear the efficient main transfer machinery such as slideway, provide system of advanced SIMENS 840D numerical control. Acceleration of G3015LSLaser Cutting machine is as high as 2g, speed of odd axis fixed position is as high as 180m/ minute, cut speed is as high as 20m/ minute, heft 10 tons whole to cast lathe bed, it is high strenth, tall tigidity, good to absorb oscillatory, stability, aviation aluminium casts crossbeam, the structure that CAE optimizes, rigid good, weight is light, dynamic performance is high, provide the high power of German ROFIN company, high-powered, the international of tall stability most the laser of CO2 of attrib wattle type of the advanced technique, it is the course such as technology of collect Laser Cutting, accurate machinery, numerical control the product of new and high technology at an organic whole, have high speed, high accuracy, efficient, tall sex the characteristic such as valence comparing. CNC Milling CNC Machining