The automatic fixed position of the workpiece in CNC Machining

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Summary: Put forward to be principle of fiducial automatic fixed position with workpiece, become namely when workpiece installation is deflective, make workpiece coordinate fastens the treatment requirement of self-reacting machine tool, this method is measuring the deflective point of view that gives work and deflection coordinate value, after undertaking self-correcting to program of former CNC Machining, can go to the lavatory implementation. Below the condition that does not change treatment outcome, can reduce workpiece search to be being mixed the time that hold clip. The work that the author offers locates automatically, it is the treatment requirement that makes workpiece coordinate fastens self-reacting machine tool. This method and tradition look for square law to lie differently at not be effort " place " workpiece, measure the deflective point of view that gives workpiece to be put on workbench and deflection volume however, slant according to this next horn and deflection quantity, adopt the machine program of self-correcting spare parts, make sure treatment gives eligible work. This method can reduce the auxiliary time that the work location, place that hold clip takes up, bigger limit ground develops the efficient sex of CNC Machining. Graph department of coordinate of 1 machine tool and concern of workpiece coordinate department pursue the measurement of place of work of principle of automatic fixed position is 1 workpiece to show an issue and consider to fit mix condition actually, set workpiece to be only inside XOY plane deflective. When workpiece installation is deflective, fasten the relation that fastens with workpiece coordinate to decide machine tool coordinate, answer to measure a workpiece to be in the position above all. Set a plan 1 to install deflective workpiece, outline is OABC outside, XOY is workpiece coordinate department, XOY is department of machine tool coordinate. Use measure random of edge of head edge OA at 2 o'clock, show coordinate of the center that measure a head (X1, y1) , (X2, y2) , measure arbitrarily by the side of edge OC again piece additional at 2 o'clock (X3, y3) , (X4, y4) , considered to measure head radius R at 4 o'clock by above, in can begging an O to nod coordinate value and A of OA edge banking angle to be type of A=tan-1[(Y2-y1)/(X2-x1)] X=(K1 X1-k2 X3-y1+y3)/(k1-k2)+rcos [(b+a)/2]/sin[(b-a)/2] Y=[(K1 Y3-k2 Y1)+k1 K2 (X1-x3)]/(k1-k2)+r Sin[(b+a)/2]/sin[(b-a)/2] : K1=tana K2=tanb=(Y3-y4)/(x3-x4) pursues some bit of coordinate that commutation of coordinate of 2 programs block diagram sets below XOY of workpiece coordinate department is worth (X, y) , if foregone workpiece coordinate fastens XOY to fasten XOY translation X, Y relative to machine tool coordinate, rotate one angle A, coordinate costs are tied in XOY coordinate, after can pressing type begs an implementation that is method of X=xcosa-ysina+x Y=xsina+ycosa+y automatic location and program block diagram to beg an A, X, Y according to measurement point, by coordinate commutation formula, can revise the coordinate cost in code of former numerical control, generate new numerical control code, by new numerical control code treatment can achieve as same as former method treatment result. Law of this one party is operated actually very handy, need to measure the coordinate value that gives 4 to nod to input its the computer only namely, computation and the job that amend code of former numerical control can be finished automatically by the program that has woven. Because require simple calculation and the coordinate cost in amending code of former numerical control only, institute program can come true with Borland C++ conveniently, its program block diagram sees a picture 2. 2 example show work 3 times like the graph, machine ABCD of lumen body outline, each bits of coordinate is A(10, 10) , B(60, 10) , C(60, 40) , D(10, 40) , arrowhead line out is used in the graph course taking a knife, code of former CNC Machining is N10 G90 G54 G00 X40.


0: N11=15.

0, n12 G41 G01 X40.


0F100 D01: N13 X60.


0: N14 X60.


0: N15 X10.


0: N16 X10.


0: N17 X40.


0: N18 G40 X40.


0: ... graph after installation of workpiece of 3 treatment example is deflective, r of the foregone radius that measure a head is 10mm, via be being measured (10.

92, - 8.

26) , (60.

84, - 5.

64) , (- 9.

58, 40.

62) , (- 8.

01, 10.

66) , after its era enters modification order, can output new numerical control code to be N10 G90 G54 G00 X40.


25: N11 Z15.

0: N12 G41 G01 X41.


28F100 D01: N13 X61.


33: N14 X60.


29: N15 X10.


67: N16 X11.


71: N17 X41.


28: N18 G40 X40.


25: ... undertake machining can acquisition as same as former method treatment result with new numerical control code, apparent treatment precision won't be changed. 3 conclusion put forward to be principle of fiducial automatic fixed position in order to process work. This method can relax to ask to what workpiece installs, can achieve as same as former method treatment result, short to shrinking work installs settling time, raise manufacturing efficiency to have certain and real sense. CNC Milling CNC Machining