Be based on embedded the CNC Milling research of athletic controller

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Summary: The article studied athletic controller applies at the applied method that milling machine numerical control transforms. Introduced the working course of numerical control system above all, analysed its hardware composition and software design mainly next, pass what the experiment implemented numerical control code to anticipate a function, show this are general it is feasible that embedded athletic controller application is transformed at machine tool of economy numerical control, have wide perspective. Key word: Milling machine; Athletic controller; Embedded; The graph in numerical control classifies date: TP393 document label piles up: AStudy Of The Digital Control Milling Machine Based On The Embedded Motion ControllerTONG Ruiyang, SHAO Guojin(Pingdingshan Institute Of Technology; Pingdingshan 467064; China)Abstract: The Method How To Apply The Motion Controller To Milling Machine Reform Is Studied Inthis Paper.

Firstly The Work Process Of The Digital Control System Was Introduced, and Then Thehardware Structure And Software Design Are Focused.

The Experiment Can Achieve The Expectingpurpose, which Can Prove That The Feasibility Of Applying The Motion Controller Into Theimprovement Of Digital Control Milling Machine, and Have A Wide Foreground.

Keywords: Machine tool of numerical control of   of foreword of Milling Machine; Motion Controller; Embedded; Digital Control1 can implement the automation of treatment, improved manufacturing efficiency than traditional machine tool, and the precision that machines a spare parts is tall, dimension is spent dispersedly small. Our country has capacious machine tool numerical control to influence transformed market. The article will be general embedded the numerical control that athletic controller uses at X8126 of milling machine of a vertical transforms an experiment. Transformed middleman and guarantor to take original main shaft system and cooling system, undertake to milling machine into system of electric machinery drive with the pace number of axle of X, Y, Z3 accuses to transform. Transforming room for manoeuver this to take a space is 0.

001mm/ pulse. Fundamental of 2 numerical control 2.

The working process of system of 1 numerical control (1) give numerical control system the input such as parameter of spare parts machine program, control and compensation data. (2) machine program coding and data processing. (3) interpolation. Athletic contrail is the result that much axis coordinates motion, to achieve the orbit of expectation, must control the movement of relevant axis. The situation of each pace movement that direct method is each axis has decided beforehand, stock the memory of the computer, when emersion contrail, will control each axis according to the data of memory. But this is meant want memory mass data, not actual in applying actually. Actually, outline or athletic contrail are comprised by linear, circular arc commonly, outline of round to a few blame curve is used linear or circular arc goes approaching. Can basis a few a few basic data (start and terminus can decide exclusively linear, circular arc needs to give start, terminal, radius and direction to be able to decide only) , pass computation, come out the outline of workpiece or athletic contrail description, the basis side computation calculates the edge to issue feed statement to each coordinate as a result. This is interpolation (Interpolating) basic idea, namely interpolation is calculated even if basis of numerical control system is given curvilinear type (be like linear, circular arc or tall second curve) , start, terminus and speed, what undertake between start and terminus data is nodded is close change. Of course, odd axis motion is nonexistent interpolation problem. The interpolation function of numerical control system basically comes true by software, basically have algorithm of two kinds of interpolation. One kind is pulse increment interpolation, its characteristic is to insert complementary operation to end generation every time; of pulse of a feed is digital increment interpolation another kind, its characteristic is to insert complementary operation to undertake in every interpolation cycle, give a little linear data according to dictating feed speedometer calculates paragraph. What MCX314A chip interior contains high speed high accuracy is linear with function of circular arc interpolation. (4) servo control. pulse of feed of computer missive position or feed speed instruction, electric machinery of servo of the translate into after classics commutation and enlarge (the pace enters electric machinery or hand in, dc servo electric machinery) rotational, drive workbench to move thereby. (5) cutting tool compensation. In outline treatment, process same outline work when the cutting tool that adopts different measure, or because the cutting tool of same name wears away and when accordingly dimension changes, go to the lavatory to assure to control precision and process designing, numerical control system normally due cutting tool compensates a function. 2.

2CNC Machining program accords with ISO - the process designing of NC instruction code of 840 international standard is method of a kind of more current numerical control process designing. Commonly used instruction has code of T of code of S of speed of code of code of preparative function G, auxiliary function M, main shaft, cutting tool to wait. Numerical control program is formed by these functional code and data namely. If N0666 G01X20 Y20 F 300 expresses linear interpolation, at the same time feed goes to XY eye punctuation (20, 20) , speed 300mm/min. The CAD/CAM software such as CAXA of Er of sea of Pro/Engineer, northing can generate corresponding treatment contrail according to outline of spare parts CAD, create program of numerical control code. If the graph is shown 1 times,3 hardware comprise   , the athletic controller that is based on ARM and MCX314A is control core of the system. Graph the 2 interface that are interface board and driver pursue. The pulse that MCX314A outputs / interface of directional signal classics board (26AMLS31 turns differential into signal) as corresponding as driver pulse / directional terminal is linked together. Stop signal classics signal of switch of each axis spacing and origin signal, urgently the NLMTP of MCX314A of the join after interface board photoelectricity is kept apart, NLMTM, Xin0 and EMGN cite a base. Graph the 1 milling machine numerical control after transforming writtens guarantee composition of a picture pursues 2 turn receive board the join graph PC that takes drive with the pace is linked together through stringing together mouth and LPC2214, the; of interface of process designing man-machine that regards CNC Machining as the program is when CNC Machining, LPC2214 MCX314A the logical place of each axis and condition feedback give PC. Nevertheless, after PC downloads CNC Machining program athletic controller, can come away, athletic controller has independent serviceability.   of 4 software design uses the good man-machine interface of PC and data processing capacity, PC accuses the man-machine interface of process designing with be valid, have syntactic examination to numerical control program, undertake pretreatment to numerical control program. After PC pretreatment, numerical control order download gives motion controller, LPC2214 stocks CNC Machining program Flash in. When CNC Machining, LPC2214 numerates from inside Flash treatment code, undertake the coding of CNC Machining program, API function is transferred after coding is finished, realize numerical control function. Go up an interactive interface that PC regards numerical control as the system, code of the numerical control that finish edits (or the machine program that receives CAD/CAM software to generate) , function of pretreatment of syntactic examination, code, can have communication with athletic controller, controller will carry on the parameter of numerical control code after processing, can receive controller (logistic) positional feedback and drive state information, realize the monitoring of pair of whole systems. Go up the program of a PC is finished with Visual Basic development. After the platform of foundation of soft, hardware that had established athletic controller, the crucial point that achieves numerical control application depends on a numerical control code changing didymous API function call, core content is the coding that has CNC Machining program. Flow of coding of program of graph 3 CNC Machining (1) the coding of CNC Machining program. Define CNCcode Buf of style of structure of a data, the coding result that goes code of a numerical control is stocked among them. It is G code and M code cent group of MY of ~ of GA ~ GF, MX to fasten, in order to save storage space, improve coding efficiency. Coding flow sees a picture 3. The Int X of number     after N of code of numerical control of memory of Short N;// of   of   of { of   of   of Struct CNCcodeBuf, y, the Int I of numeric     after code of Z;// memory X, Y, Z, j, the numeric     after code of K;// memory I, J, K the numeric     after code of F of Int F;// memory the Short T;// of numeric     after code of S of Int S;// memory stores the Unsigned Char GA of numeric     after T code, GB, GC, GD, GE, GF;// stores in group hind the Unsigned Char MX of   of serial number   of G code, MY, MZ;// stores in group hind after code coding completes the group of CNCBuf;   of } of   of serial number   of M code, code data stores in variable CNCBuf, the work that needs next is its commutation is pair of API function call. The method is read from inside the member of variable CNCBuf take order of function of code of G, M, the entrance parameter that according to functional date corresponding API function asks one by one finishs API to call is installed. (2) communication. Go up a program of numerical control code after PC general pretreatment the head that add frame " 0AA55 AA " with frame end " 055AA55 " hind in downloading athletic controller with RS232 means. Is communication format set for: ? ?8400, e, 8, 1 " .   of 5 experiments example the moving effect for code of experiment numerical control, the CAXA software that uses northing sea Er designs " TEST " the treatment outline of string (automatic cutting tool compensates CAXA software) , generate PC of code of numerical control G to arrive to the download after G code pretreatment in athletic controller move. Record the treatment contrail of a record to accord with a design anticipate outline. N10G90G54G00Z60.

N14X-24 of   of   of N12S1000M03 of   of 000   .



N16Z50 of   of 000   .

N18Z10 of   of 000   .

  of 000   N20G01Z0.

N22X-24 of   of 000F100   .


N24X-24 of   of 455F800   .


N26X-24 of   of 402   .


N28X-24 of   of 335   .


  of 264   .










N892G01Z50 of   of 376   .

N894G00Z60 of   of 000F800   .

Article innovation nods N898M30 of   of N896M05   of   of 000   : The athletic controller that the article gives place design applies at economy CNC Milling in transforming, considered to use a method, the key depends on changing numerical control code the API function that the command of didymous MCX314A enclosed, make full use of the interpolation function that MCX314A takes oneself. CNC Milling CNC Machining