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In business development process, the manufacturing competition ability that enhances product line hard is the objective that the enterprise pursues ceaselessly, cost of managing below existing equipment condition production is principal the problem that solve, and among them the most crucial is " movement is led " and " CT is worth " . Develop quickly and expand of scale of production as the enterprise ceaselessly, the key that raises an enterprise to produce competition ability depends on trying hard to cut sheet on existing equipment foundation the manufacturing cost of the product. My company aborning was used " movement is led " (everyday the proportion that manufacturing time holds gain to plan to produce time everyday) and " CT is worth " (the manufacturing time of individual spare parts) undertake administrative. My company introduced a robot to carry punch product line automatically 2006 (see a picture 1) , this line produces mode to be one day 3. Move more through 2 years, productivity reachs this line day 7379 / day, locomotive rate is 70% , odd a spare parts is average manufacturing time is 7.

2s, efficiency is low, industry competition ability is weak. For this, in the light of rise to movement is led and reduce CT to was worth us to begin a series of works that improve facility. Graph equipment of 1 punch product line forms a basis to produce the spot the statistical data March showed 1 ~ 2008, product line " the mould is exchanged " with " the mould is swept " time is occupied everyday 15% of producible time, affect production badly. Accordingly we " reduce manufacturing CT to be worth " , " product line changes modular time " and " reduce a mould to sweep rate " the target that serves as improvement: CT was worth 2008 6.

Less than of 5min of the following, time that change a pattern and mould sweep 8s those who take manufacturing time 3% the following. Reduce CT to be worth manufacturing CT to be worth the manufacturing efficiency that represents product line, reduce manufacturing CT value to be able to make product line faster production. The manufacturing rate that decides product line has two factors: It is the behavioral speed of each equipment, the 2 movements that are each equipment coordinate a gender. We pass pair of existing production mode to undertake thinking over, synchronism of the punch synchronism punch that if allow product line,thinks of to go up, robot is carried, so theoretic opposite of mode of this kind of synchronous production produces a line the harmonious sex of each equipment is compared the manufacturing mode of the out of step is good now. Accordingly we put forward to improve measure and undertook a series of the technology tackles key problem. Break up product line 4 unit to be optimized alone, make unit movement time the least. Readjust interlinks parameter each equipment rate and each, make each unit movement time roughly equal, and in front unit movement time is a bit bit more at the back of unit comparing (T is unit one ≥ T is unit 2 ≥ T is unit 3 ≥ T is unit 4) . After be being carried out according to this method, synchronous production mode came true. From June 2008 the share rises, a punch product line has production with a kind of brand-new synchronous production mode, and will rise July from of the same age, the average CT cost that product line produces each part falls 6.

72s, reach beforehand the target of set. Before synchronous mode is carried out, produce 144min of need of a batch of 1200 spare partses; After synchronous mode is carried out, produce a batch 1200 spare partses need 135min only. Produce 7 batch part inherently, 63min of time of a day of managing production. Reduce a mould to change time reduces mould of punch product line to exchange time, with respect to the inventory that can reduce punch hardware, the spare parts that makes punch working procedure is machined enters welder order instantly, more accord with much model in all the need that the line produces. We once changed the job in the ability 2007 in, the fault rate of only station equipment when be being exchanged through reducing a mould, to each equipment content of the measure that change a pattern undertakes time is reduced ameliorative waiting for measure to change the mould successfully 6.

5min/ second, but change target photograph to compare with this ability, still have very big difference, need thinks over from means of the control that make a line, improved give a kind of more efficient control way. The current situation that product line changes a pattern is: The need when changing a pattern operates personnel 5 times, before changing a pattern, after changing a pattern, must arrive every equipment affirms parameter, each equipment is not started in same hour change a pattern. Accordingly we must simplify operation, raise automation level, build full automatic " one-stop " the mode of operation that change a pattern (see a picture 2) . Graph 2 one-stop the kind changing a pattern that the Nextpage that change a pattern has exchange of mode of 9 kinds of different production as a result of product line, implementation controls entire line to change modular process to need to do much work by an operation personnel: The control plan that devises product line, increase entire line to change a pattern the change that safety of the control program that control equipment, improvement makes a line control program and each device, each equipment interlinks and many spot debug the job. This second rectify and reform undertake in breathing space, the preparative work that passes 3 months and 3 lunar spots are debugged, "One-stop " change a model to come true successfully finally. The time that change a pattern from 6.

5min (see a table 1) drop 4.

5min (see a table 2) . Product line changes one day 10 times about mould, managing 20min changes modular time, use spare time at production, can produce 178 parts more. More important is, 4.

Much to much model mould reached the punch product line that 5min changes modular time since the manufacturing pattern that the line produces in all major supportive action. The model is changed to need before expressing 1 improvement 6.

The model is changed to be in after 5min expresses 2 improvement 4.

In the punch that reduces a mould to sweep time to be in car company is being finished to produce inside 5min, affecting movement of punch product line to lead is many sided, among them the mould sweeps craft is a important. In a manufacturing process is covered outside the car, the part that production gives if the quality defect that as a result of pink of mould cutting iron conglutinate causes in mould surface, need stops product line, add of succeed of clean mould surface resumes production. Be in especially new model put into production is primary, the mould enters production before stability period, the mould in producing a course sweeps a circumstance particularly much, hold plan to produce time everyday 10% the left and right sides. The mould enters production after stability period, sweep what time and steel plate expect to clean the effect to have very big concern, be in commonly 2% ~ 3% the left and right sides. If can be reduced,do not run the mould in rate is swept rate, can get more manufacturing time. In considering manufacturing process, undertake the mould is swept every time need 300s about, among them equipment operation time has 250s, because this must drop device,handle time. The watch shows the time analysis of movement of the equipment when be being swept for the mould 3 times, advocate the 53 % that electric machinery operates time to occupy a mould to sweep total time, in cancelling a course advocate electric machinery stops to be able to reduce time of the operation that apply a standard with actuate. Consider from safe angle however, when applying a standard, shut advocate electric machinery is to cut off transmission motivation, assure slide block won't misoperation. Then we pass the control loop of brake of pair of separation and reunion and executive loop analysis, increase on executive loop those who have function of position of core of feedback a powerful person is urgent stop a powerful person, such is in do not shut advocate below the circumstance of electric machinery, short time enters compressor, also can assure adequately to cut off main transfer machinery, prevent slide block misoperation, assure to wipe a model to handle the security of personnel. The time course that expresses movement of the equipment when 3 moulds are swept is improved, time of the operation that apply a standard drops 120s, the 3 % that the mould sweeps time to drop to produce time are the following, the target is reached. We pass epilogue the improvement of pair of product line equipment, came true to raise product line to produce the purpose of efficiency, to it before photograph comparing, ability rises 14.

5% , productivity from 7379 / the sky rises 8453 / day. After product line productivity rises, had plan machine down time everyday, use plan machine down time, can make product line undertakes new model mould is debugged, the mould is safeguarded etc, and make the electric energy of every spare parts is used up dropped 0.

2kW/h, make produce cost to drop considerably thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining