Extrahigh voltage water is cleaned

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Use extrahigh voltage technology to be able to go to common tap water pressurization 100-400Mpa pressure, next diameter of the aperture inside repass is made an appointment with 0.

The lapidary nozzle eject of 3mm forms speed to be the high speed efflux of 800-1000m/s about, common call his water arrow, this water arrow has very high energy, can use cut soft base sexual material. If join right amount abrasive in water arrow again,can use cut almost all soft rigid material. Adjust the pressure of water efflux and flow, can clean all sorts of objects with extrahigh voltage, if divide glue, except lacquer, wait except rust, we still can use extrahigh voltage technology to undertake high-pressured sterilization, food lasts wait for a lot of good to the mankind jobs. Water cut of water of fluidics application a collection of illustrative plates is the technology of cold conditions cut that is based on application of efflux of extrahigh voltage water. With hot cut (wait like blaze, plasma, laser) photograph comparing, "Water knife " almost OK cut from soft to all hard data, be in especially the metal of ply 20mm above, in the processing of structure of alloy of carbon fiber, titanium, aluminium alloy, beehive and composite material, had made the way of the best treatment with accepted international. The treatment that water cut technology already was used extensively at aluminous material of rolled steel, copper, glass, pottery and porcelain, hard alloy, plastic, man-made fibre, cloth, paper, composite material to wait at present, can make structural part or weldment directly, consequently water cut system already made aerospace, war industry, orbit traffic, shipping, car, project machine, light industrial, chemical industry, the sources of energy, build the new-style production equipment of the industry such as the project. The investment that water cut and Laser Cutting compare Laser Cutting equipment is larger, use at thin stencil steel, part mostly at present the cut of metalloid material, cut rate is rapidder, precision is taller, but cutting when Laser Cutting seam place can cause arc mark and cause fuel factor; to be opposite additionally some material Laser Cutting is not ideal, wait for nonferrous metal, alloy like aluminous, copper, be opposite especially the cut of thicker metal plate, cut appearance is not good, even cannot cut. People is at present right the research of high-power laser generator, it is the cut that strive solves large board, but installation cost, care and maintenance and move use up etc cost is very considerable also. Water cut investment is small, moving cost is low, cut material range is wide, efficiency is tall, operation maintenance is convenient. Water cut and Plasma Cutting compare Plasma Cutting to have obvious fuel factor, precision is low, cut surface undertakes fabricating not easily again. Water cut attributes cold conditions cut, be out of shape without heat, cut face quality is good, beardless fabricating, if need,undertake fabricating very easily also. Water cut and line cut compare the treatment to the metal, line cut has taller precision, but rate is very slow, need to use other method sometimes additionally the perforative, ability that wear silk has cut, and cut dimension gets very big confine, water cut can is opposite any material stiletto, cut, cut rate is rapid, treatment dimension is agile. Water cut and other cut method compare spare partses of pair of a few metals to be able to be adopted strong cut technique, efficiency tall, rate is rapid, but the mould with specific need and cutting tool, water cut and photograph of this cut method are compared flexible good, can undertake the cut of aleatoric appearance workpiece is machined at any time, especially in material advanced circumstance issues thick, hardness, strong cut craft very will difficult or cannot come true, and method of the cut that use water is relatively good; blaze cut also is the cut craft with metallic commonly used domain, the ply range of cut is very big, but quality of surface of as more apparent than its fuel factor as water cut photograph, cut and precision are poorer, additionally water cut can settle a few melting point well the cut treatment of the special material such as tall, alloy, composite material. The trade is processed in the cut such as material of glass, stone, pottery and porcelain, traditional method is to use diamond cutting tool to undertake cutting, curium, mill, the ply limits of cut very big, rate is rapidder, but the plank to groovy ply, water cut can undertake the cut of the aleatoric curve of high accuracy is machined, n is tall, reduce manufacturing cost, and the additional cost that raises treatment product greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining