The principle of photoelectricity switch and application

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Com editor's note] photoelectricity switch is sensor the member in everybody a group of things with common features, it mixes emissive end between sink the changes to be explored in order to achieve purpose of electric current of smooth translate into of strong weak change. Because photoelectricity switch outputs loop and input loop are electric segregation (namely electric predestined relationship absolutely) , so it can get applied in a lot of circumstances. 2, photoelectricity switch introduces 1, switch of working principle photoelectricity (photoelectricity sensor) it is the abbreviation that photoelectricity is close to switch, it is to use thing be detectinged the keep out to beam of light or reflex, pick electrify way by synchronous loop, detect thereby the object has those who not have. Object not metal of be confined to, all objects that can reflex the light all can be detected. Photoelectricity switch changes input electric current the signal that it is light to be shot on emitter, of the light that receiver gets according to receiving again lose by force or have do not have pair of target objects to undertake exploration. Working principle is shown 1 times like the graph. What most photoelectricity switch chooses is the infrared light mode that wavelengh approachs visible light. Graph the exterior of 2 partial photoelectricity switch that are German SICK company pursue. 2, the classification of photoelectricity switch and term explain (1) , switch of photoelectricity of classified ① diffuse reflection type: It is emitter of a kind of collect and receiver the sensor at an organic whole, when object be detectinged is passed, the light of the sufficient capacity that the object launchs photoelectricity switch emitter reflexes receiver, then photoelectricity switch generated switch signal. The exterior brightness when object be detectinged or its glance when rate is extremely high, the photoelectricity switch of diffuse reflection type is first selection detect mode. ② lens reflexes type photoelectricity switch: Its Yiji emitter and receiver at an organic whole, the light that photoelectricity switch emitter gives out answers receiver through illuminator reflex, pass when object be detectinged and when complete block stops the ray, photoelectricity switch arose to detect switch signal. ③ is right switch of photoelectricity ejaculation type: It included mutual on the structure depart and the emitter that smooth axis places relatively and receiver, the light that emitter gives out enters receiver directly, mix through emitter when object be detectinged between receiver and when block stops the ray, photoelectricity switch generated switch signal. Should detect the object is opaque when, it is to shooting type photoelectricity switch most but of * detect device. Switch of photoelectricity of ④ chamfer type: It uses U word of the standard structure normally, its emitter and receiver are located in the both sides of U chamfer respectively, form one smooth axis, pass U chamfer when object be detectinged and when block breaks smooth axis, photoelectricity switch produced switch to measure signal. Switch of groovy type photoelectricity suits to detect quite the object that high speed moves, and it can differentiate transparent with translucent object, use safety but * . Switch of photoelectricity of ⑤ fiber-optic type: It is used plastic or vitreous smooth fiber sensor will conduct the light, can undertake detecting to the object be detectinged with far distance. Normally cent of smooth fiber sensor shoots type and diffuse reflection type to be opposite. Their working light sketch map is shown 3 times like the graph. (2) range finding of check of term explanation ① leaves: It is to point to detect system moves by certain kind, the fiducial place that measures when switch movement (the inductive surface of photoelectricity switch) to detect the dimensional distance of the face. Rated movement distance shows those who be close to switch movement distance is nominal value. ② answers poor distance: Behavioral distance and restoration are apart from the absolute value between. ③ answers frequency: Inside the time-interval of formulary 1s, allow the time that photoelectricity switch movement circulates. ④ outputs condition: Divide Chang Kaihe to often be shut. Should not have detect when the object, often leave model the load that photoelectricity switch place puts through because of the output transistor of photoelectricity switch interior end and do not work, should detect when the object, transistor guides, load gets electrician to make. ⑤ detects means: Detecting according to photoelectricity switch what the light that the emitter when the object gives out is folded to return the way of receiver is different, can divide reflex type for diffuse reflection type, lens, wait to shooting type. ⑥ outputs a form: Line of second line of line of second line of cent NPN second line, NPN3 line, NPN4 line, PNP, PNP3, PNP4 line, AC, AC5 (take relay oneself) , reach dc NPN/PNP/ to often leave / often shut muti_function wait for a few kinds of commonly used output forms. ⑦ points to horn: See photoelectricity switch point to horny sketch map, namely if pursue,institute of 3 small plans shows the bottom of 4. ⑧ surface reflectivity: The light that switch of photoelectricity of diffuse reflection type gives out needs what via detecting reflex of substance appearance ability answers diffuse reflection switch to accept implement, so check range finding leaves the exterior reflectivity with object be detectinged to will decide to accept implement the strength that receives the light. Rough surface reflexes the radial intensity that answer to be sure to be less than slick surface to reflex the intensity that answer, and, the surface of object be detectinged must the emissive light of switch of phone of perpendicular Yu Guang. If the reflectivity of commonly used material expresses 1 to show. The paper of Bai Hua of reflectivity of material of reflectivity material reflectivity that expresses 1 commonly used material 90% opaque black are plastic 14% newspaper 4% napkin of 55% black balata 47% black cloth 3% packets of case chipboard 68% not surface of polishing white metal 130% clean deal surface of metal of 70% burnish light color 150% clean thick board 20% : The environment that photoelectricity switch applies also can affect his work for a long time but * sex. Leave position at range finding of the biggest check when photoelectricity switch job when, because lens meets optics be adhered by the contamination in the environment, can be corroded by material of sex of a few strong acid even, its use down to parameter and but * sex is reduced. Handier means of settlement is the range finding of the biggest check according to photoelectricity switch leaves (Sn) fall the forehead is used will decide optimal job is apart from. (3) sensor of infrared ray of use note ① belongs to diffuse reflection model product, uses level detects body draws paper for planar white. Switch of photoelectricity of ② infrared ray can stabilize the job below the case with environmental high intensity of illumination, but in principle should evasive waiting for sensor smooth axis strong illuminant to sun's rays. ③ is the smallest to shooting type photoelectricity switch can detect 80% what width is width of lens of switch of this kinds of photoelectricity. ④ should use perceptual load (wait like the lamp, electromotor) when, impulse current of its transient state is bigger, likelihood the photoelectricity switch of deterioration or attaint communication second line, below this kind of circumstance, come to load change through communicating relay please use. The lens of switch of photoelectricity of ⑤ infrared ray can be wiped with the paper that brush lens, ban wait for chemical with attenuant dissolvent, lest permanent damage is plastic lens. ⑥ asks actually in the light of the spot of the user, below a few relatively abominable conditions, be like the circumstance with more dirt, manufactures photoelectricity switch increased on the choice of sensitivity 50% , photoelectricity switch is lengthened in order to suit to uphold periodic requirement in be used for a long time. ⑦ product all is SMD craft production to make, leave factory via the ability after strict test is eligible, using usually all won't appear attaint. Happen to avoid accident sex, wiring is checked before the user is receiving electrify source please correct, whether is voltage of check and ratify rating. 3, outside the case that the last word introduces besides above, photoelectricity switch still got applied in a lot of respects, detect in limitation of journey control, diameter, rotate speed for example, the respect such as throughput control. We believe photoelectricity switch can be done more and more advancedly, its application also is met more and more extensive. CNC Milling CNC Machining