Accept second pulse is fiber-optic laser: More than engrave at mark

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Come 10 this years, in the material treatment application that fiber-optic laser technology makes 1 micron wavelengh quickly already basically await choose a technology, cut application in mark especially in, 1/3 what fiber-optic laser already held laser source. Fiber-optic laser source offers concise low cost solution for the user, need not safeguard, reduce the cost of property right plan. To blame technology user, this also is a kind " it need not is in charge of after installation " choice. To a lot of laser, because be when use gas or strong record laser, optical parts of an apparatus, hot lens or other aim the fall of effect, maintain quality of beam of light normally very difficult. In fact, can use pair of special mode to undertake optical design will satisfy special material to process application. The accept rice pulse of newest generation is fiber-optic laser is concise and compact, the illuminant after adjusting quality of beam of light is very agile, have a certain number of pulse option that can configure. This will improve the technology of great majority application. Latter, of peak value power and pulse energy rise make traditional mark engraved treatment to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, also make laser becomes the nicety with powerful function to machine a tool. A lot of fiber-optic laser are based on the design that moves Q type, and imitated the ability of laser of other solid state. This kind of illuminant basically still applies at current bid in quarter application, it gets the ability of parameter of pulse of be confined to, cannot break through repetition rate to be less than the limitation of 100 kilohertz. Be based on advocate oscillatory rate amplifier (MOPA) the seminal laser that the fiber-optic laser of the design uses direct modulation and amplifier access, can quick control is like the pulse parameter such as pulse length and frequency. For example, the MOPA design with newest SPI can achieve very high peak value power, this cannot be achieved when standard modulation, in average output power is 40 watt-hour, the power of peak value pulse of a few mode can exceed 20 kilowatt, when 30 kilohertz pulse energy can is more than 1.

25mJ. Additional, the pulse frequency limits of these mode is as high as 1 to arrive 500 kilohertz, pulse duration limits is 20 to 200 accept second, and can be in successive wave (CW) the job below mode. In material treatment, a few crucial parameter that affect quality and productivity include: Power of peak value pulse (kilowatt) , pulse energy (MJ) , pulse frequency (kilohertz) , average power (made of baked clay) , pulse duration (accept second) with quality of beam of light (M2) . Material of most pulse laser machines application to need to consider afore-mentioned parameter integratedly. Pulse treatment is in the result that relies on ability of jackknife laser facula badly to obtain ideal substantially. Although a few taller jackknife is OK also the exterior that allows number is nearly flowing, but normally to a lot of laser beam machining, what accept generally is to be more than the facula jackknife of 30% . High repetition rate is meant can achieve higher treatment rate. When 500 kilohertz, be as high as 8 meters when scanning speed / the result that 30% facula can obtain to overlap when the second. When processing sensitive data, need controls hot input carefully, had better use shorter pulse and higher repetition rate normally. Machining plastic with aggregate material when, had better keep peak value power and the total hot input that restricts every unit length (see a picture 1) . Other application is machined, if remove paint (24 hours of mark) , chromatic mark, integrated circuit hits mark and filmy design to generate (solar battery and liquid crystal screen) , had better want to satisfy the requirement that is more than 100 kilohertz. Quality of beam of light is having conclusive effect to a lot of application, low M2 is not applicable in all circumstances, must consider quality of beam of light when considering to whether suit some utility consequently. Low M2 beam of light can arise on treatment region smaller darker spot, but higher peak value power will cause exceeding center strength, bring about problem happening thereby, cause base damage in filmy cartography or cleared application for example. Become when area is larger, because row spacing is lesser, with respect to need lesser stain machines more second. In these application, tall M2 beam of light distributings in broader power when, more apply to area treatment. Be in SPI company, we had developed a series of pulse laser, can use extensively at nominal the application that needs quality of different beam of light (see a picture 2) . The effect of quality of laser light beam is very distinct, main the focusing stain measure with generation is relevant. Comparative research shows stain dimension to cut the influence that processes application with bore to mark. When laser pulse amount is same, laser of single standard pulse can arise narrow deep profound wide compared aperture, and the laser of taller mode arises gradually wide gradually shallow aperture. This one result falls in most circumstance probably effective, what should point out nevertheless is, final feature need not strict with estimated stain measure is consistent, this should inspect applied requirement and decide. When deepness sculpture and treatment reflex material, pulse energy and peak value power are the mainest character. Be more than energy of 20 kilowatt, pulse when peak value power 1.

When 25mJ, fiber-optic laser can be the same as Nd:Y of lamp pump riversideAG laser engraving tool is rivalled. But, best sculpture quality is not normally obtain when parameter of peak value power or pulse energy is highest. Some companies are dedicated apply at providing such complex and three-dimensional sculpture like molder, they developed will fiber-optic laser to be the same as what fill technology and pulse parameter photograph are united in wedlock to have a method only, make each pulse mere eliminate a few micron (see a picture 3) . Other data includes to resemble vitreous carbon comfortable also Yu Wei processes such special data. The high melting point of vitreous carbon and distinctive hardness property make traditional machine treatment becomes very difficult, and laser can solve this one problem. The research of Cantabrigian university scholar (see a picture 4) revealed use 20 watt 0.

8mJ pulse laser provides the precision that undertakes machining can be achievinged to serous segregator molder. Original, because the reverse side reflexes brought risk, the need when fiber-optic laser is reflexed in treatment and conducting material is very careful. Nevertheless, the development of optical segregation technology lets an user can use fiber-optic laser in this kind of application. In the sculpture in jewelry industry, tall pulse energy issues eliminate in low repetition rate loose material, back-to-back, the flowing processing that pulse of the high repetition rate of power of high peak value, short low energy will come to to be done last times works (see a picture 5) . Higher peak value power and pulse energy make cupreous sculpture becomes a possibility. The laser with these extensive use also expands application the tradition makes mark and sculpture besides. Nowadays, these laser already were used at cut, solder even frit is received wait for application. Higher peak value power and pulse energy can cut includes chip metal inside extensive data. Use long-range scanner technology, still can the most metal that the ply that cut includes gold, copper, silver to reach brass inside is as high as hundreds of micron. A few thicker material needs to use a technology many times to come cut, rate will be a few slower, to certain application, it is better to still compare technology of traditional Laser Cutting. Solder to be regarded as normally a direct semiconductor is successive perhaps a fiber-optic laser technology. However, to hot sensitive application, traditional laser technology can not control hot input completely. Fiber-optic laser combines pulse of high repetition rate fast scanning technology, the component that can solder circumfluence always heats up an input to be controlled very lowly. Pay attention to flexibility and versatility more and more in new MOPA design as the user, accept second class is fiber-optic the utility of laser wider and wider. The adjustability of mode quality and the changeability with characteristic pulse conduce to those who use a field extending. Nowadays, accept second class is fiber-optic laser is very mature already, applied limits already cut treatment from mark outspread the small treatment that reachs the ground of more useful fierce. Accordingly, no matter be why to be planted,small treatment applies, can consider to use pulse fiber-optic laser. Article author Jack Gabzdyl (Jack.


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