Mould automation technology

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European Union (the EUREKE that belongs to each country government through its plans) in 1998 and " supported not to have paper to the mould is designed and make " this studies and develop a project between 2000. The article introduced the job that this project place has and result. The further research of this domain - the exquisite achievement that enlarges this project further, apply Internet-based in great quantities in the mould is designed and be made especially (those who be based on Internet) tool and method, now by another Europe project - E_mould undertakes. Project project goal: Design of · research mould and production whole lifecycle, find mould design and the bottleneck of production process to offer the means of slow down bottleneck. · is passed advocate CAD model is direct semi-automatic change production pattern. · increases a mould to make place want information to CAD model. · is passed advocate CAD model produces a document of head requiring paper automatically (if set detailed account,wait) . · makes personnel can be shared related all projects advocate CAD model information. In other words, this project aims with advocate the central reference source that CAD model is complete work, eliminate (or be eliminate as far as possible) the paper head file that describes model condition, abound model content, optimize reach simplify the model is built compose and safeguard and the downstream process that begins from the model. Unit of club of project of project club unit has: · CADCAM software develops unit Delcam. 3 moulds make · manufacturer (if mobile phone mould makes manufacturer,include pattern of a small-sized high accuracy, two large moulds express Pan Heyi like car apparatus child board manufacturer home) . · with British mould guild (GTMA) with England plastic alliance (BPF) expert adviser group of composition. The expert adviser group that place of production manufacturer of · Spain die forms. Mould design and the lifecycle that production lifecycle pattern designs and make can divide into the following phase: The first phase: Appraisal and the requirement that quote new product delivers the goods quickly, mean a mould to produce manufacturer to need to have more quoted price, and the requirement gives out quickly quote. Very rare user can choose a manufacturer that cannot give out even quote in time to undertake machining now. However, of quote time pressing the generation that causes an error very easily, make manufacturer pays heavy price thereby. Quoted price is too high, add up to guild to be snatched by the competitive manufacturer that can give out quote more accurately. More of flooey is, if quoted price is too low, do possibly sustain losses in business the business, or it is to be pulled be fed up with, in unending argy-bargy, with mentioning the price actual level. Manufacturer is made to the mould in appraisal and quote process the sternest test is the data that the client provides is CAD model. The information that provides very hard through CAD model normally judges the workload that gives the mould place that machines this model to need quickly. Still a problem must consider in appraisal and quote process, namely if offer data is not complete, if the model is medium,unplug modular face, need to undertake to this model many treatment intends the work, with adding these detail in the model. Unless the enough man-hour that undertakes these intend the work and charge included in quote, otherwise a project that has certain profit it seems that, can turn one lose money in business into buying and selling. Consider to discover, the mould is designed and produce this level of lifecycle, the mould makes what manufacturer basically hopes to be able to one faces them examine with rate tool. The CAD that some dies production manufacturer uses is examined implement it is a face normally piece examine implement. This kind is examined implement usable will examine model and sectional model, but the radius in cannot measuring a model, diameter, because be in model face piece in changing a course, real primitive geometry data already was undertaken be handlinged approximately by software. Hope this tool has a few simple plot functions, if can increase a few main length dimension and can produce full measure plot to wait. Although do not have necessary use whole CAD system, but they often need to undertake operating to whole model on certain level, this includes to undertake to the model buy is handled slanting, produce inner curved surface in order to pass exterior curved surface; Xiang Hexuan of duplicate, lens turns operation, in order to help much model antrum mould and the model quoted price that have symmetrical design. Except need to examine appliance to common CAD model is examined implement outside has basic function, they need a few special tools that make in the light of the mould more, if can be found out,show tick off model the tool of the face; Can measure unplug the tool with modular horn and large wall. To satisfy these requirements, delcam introduced software of PowerSHAPE of one special edition- - PS-Estimator. This software offerred many CAD to the model is analysed and identify a method, measurable model dimension, can help likewise ensure give out to quote accurately. These are analysed and identify a function to still can help as soon as possible discover the problem of the existence in the model, with as early as possible, as soon as possible, as far as possible economic ground undertakes handling to the problem. The 2nd phase: Input product model, generate model of high quality substance to consider to make clear: Die production manufacturer needs to read take include a few not quite popular software inside the original model data that a variety of software generate. The system of each CADCAM software that allows them to deploy a client to have at the same time is not actual. Although buy the means of settlement that converter is an opposite economy, but beautiful money buys those only now and then the converter of the system that uses, really undeserved. To overcome these difficulty, some companies offer online changeover to serve now. Online changeover service is one kind presses service that pays fee, change, pay fee, but need not spend a large number of funds to buy changeover software. The data switch ability of system of most and commonly used CADCAM is very poor, the model that inputs different software generation often can lose curved surface data and appear bad to cut out curved surface, need undertakes much work will build high quality hypostatic model afresh. This job needs a lot of day ability to finish normally. Most and hypostatic modelling implement ability of modelling of complex curved surface (if curved surface drafts,close, suture) very poor. Most modelling implement cannot handle well come from modelling of coarse public errand implement the model data of generation. This will bring about such as data the input, curved surface gap that because different public errand arises,revises, form the model that closes completely to wait for a lot of problems for the analysis. If clearance is more than place to want common difference, the user can use heal (Healing) and model of tolerancepublic errand processing (two methods come to Tolerantmodelling) solve. Heal involves curved surface to cut out attrib border recount, if intersect afresh curved surface, make them more accurate. This kind of method is feasible below certain circumstance, but be not effective to all circumstances. Model of tolerancepublic errand processing is involved by certain public errand, like 0.

1mm, the either side that matchs two curved surface comes demarcate one brim. Although for the angle from pure maths, the precision of this kind of method is inferior to former, but in machining a process actually, this is one more feasible method. Method of model of processing of use public errand is treated the model is being accepted answer in software can work normally, although be in two faces piece an existence very small, unfavorable the gap that perceive. The 3rd phase: Of lifecycle of complete product model is complete product model next. Sometimes the certain part in the model is intended half-baked, that part model of the pattern that products plan division designs an enough to realize design product place to need only and design, and detail modelling part (if the circle pours wine cup) leave mould manufactory the home finish. In car component production, mould manufactory the daily life of a family often gets only face of A of a face (exterior curved surface) model, production him manufacturer of die of hope of spare parts stylist generates inner curved surface (by the wall thick slant buy and into) . Now and then die production manufacturer can get one complete hypostatic model really, although such, also need them to shape model depart core and model antrum two cento face. The product model that even if gets from theoretic say absolutely and complete, die production manufacturer often also needs to undertake to the model a few adjust necessarily, if the change unplugs modular horn, wall is large wait, in order to ensure the spare parts can shape smoothly. Although division of a lot of products plan is now in products plan process,more consideration machines a requirement, machine need in order to make sure a design product can be contented, but there still are a lot of people among them the persist one's old ways in designing a process, make the product of the design is machined very hard. The main problem that die production manufacturer encounters in this phase is: The complex curved surface of a lot of CADCAM systems slants buy function is very poor, because this passes A curved surface,produce B curved surface to may be put in the problem. Most CADCAM system is done not have special model core and model function of depart of antrum curved surface. Depart core and model antrum curved surface is the work with very great strength of a labor. Most system did not unplug technically modular horn and wall are large measure a tool. Most system is additional without special addition unplug modular horn tool (the help takes out a model) . Consider data switch and complete product model at the same time, the mould makes manufacturer need to use technology of curved surface modelling and hypostatic modelling method integratedly normally. A lot of mix system of the CAD that build a model to have this kind of integrated capacity now. The end that uses these two kinds of technologies integratedly depends on can using hypostatic modelling to handle the advantage with standard geometry fast and convenient form already, can use curved surface formative again flexible a future life is become and revise the part with more complex form. For example, a lot of plastic moulds have complex exterior curved surface, and appearance of its interior geometry, if reinforcement or screw protruding stage are opposite simple. For this, can use curved surface modelling to build compose to see curved surface, and use substance model will produce simple inner structure quickly. Same, use hypostatic modelling to be able to produce inner curved surface easily through exterior curved surface. The 4th phase: After model of product of generation mould nap ensures it can have fluent treatment model, mould generation phase is namely below. The generation of the mould involves two step, it is to produce a mould to set firstly piece (composition core and model antrum) ; The other structure that is generation mould secondly (mould bases and other accessory) . The main problem that production manufacturer of this phase die encounters is: Most modelling implement need piece the ground generates spare parts curved surface, next fill clearance, undertake cutting out interactively finally. This is the job of an extraordinary take time. Delcam is to use a mould to set a guide program "DieWizard" to the solution of this problem. This process can search the line distributing a model of product model automatically to distribute module automatically the two shares that are appropriate measure, separate modular side from what change generation high quality, automatic depart core and model antrum. Standard component of need mould spare parts library. System of a little automatic design already owned this kind of standard component library now. More advanced system still allows to use a design to need at the same time any nonstandard spare parts, and in can adding the part after the design ends the user to define standard library oneself, for be being used later. Most mould makes manufacturer hope to build mould structure to design through entity, think hypostatic modelling implement it is to have the CAD tool with this first-rate job. However, of the mould model core, model these partial need use antrum and slide block tool of curved surface modelling is finished. Most die production manufacturer feels current to be returned on the market appropriate without a kind, integrated and hypostatic modelling and advantage of curved surface modelling make can better land their satisfactory tool. Die production manufacturer uses hypostatic model implement the typical problem that structure of the mould that propose form encounters is the curved surface data that inputs with IGES format generation is hypostatic. Bad news of this process or uses time too long; Or may prevent what build compose mould structure through hypostatic modelling completely to undertake. The situation that designs with the model is same, more and more companies get lost now use mix the system that build a model, so that use the most effective means,will complete a design. The 5th phase: After treatment prepares mould hardware design to end, before be being machined formally, still need to undertake a few preparation work. Have the area of cutting treatment to those needing, treatment engineer must choose appropriate treatment cutting tool; The area that cannot undertake to those cutting is machined (be like acerb an internal angle, narrow groove) , need to use electrode to undertake discharging machining to these area. The mould that joins a project through be opposite machines the investigation of manufacturer to discover, this phase basically puts in the following problem: Choose the most appropriate cutting tool very hard to machine area through range estimation judgement. The option of shadow of the smallest radius in using CAD system now undertakes judging wanting to be gotten quickly much, get easily also much. Electrode model devises the main reason that is man-hour incur loss through delay. Typical electrode model is area of spare parts model beg go against, it cuts out next through appearance of geometry of duplicate model area generation. After electrode design ends, need fill to go up advocate the electrode on the model machines area, won't machine discharge area in order to make sure cutting adds man-hour. Need will duplicate curved surface (depict electrode) brim of edge electrode treatment makes drop outspread, cross discharge region certainly with assuring to have, increase it to squeeze next give curved surface to go up and form electrode body. Basically put in the following problem here: The curved surface with first-rate need of body of independent electrode geometry cuts out (normally ground of curved surface of need one by one undertakes) , this needs to be cost for a long time. Generation discharges too outspread face also is the work with very great strength of a labor (get land of surface of one by one to undertake normally) . Need to produce EDM to set detailed account, with fixed position electrode. This job is very as dry as a chip and make mistake easily. Delcam offerred one special electrode to design module PS-Electrode now, it can undertake electrode is designed automatically. Module can identify discharge area automatically, the user needs to fill in in guide program only a few simple table, can finish all electrode to design. The 6th phase: During generation machines cutting tool method to undertake in this project, pass advocate the automation rate of method of cutting tool of cutting of 3D of CAD model generation is quite high already, the problem goes to be machined in 2D. The cutting tool method that people uses alone 2D to machine software package to produce 2D to machine normally (wait for bore) . The most typical is the mould makes manufacturer general data with 2DDXF format (this also is the form of a kind of input that 2D treatment software uses normally) output, weigh a novice to move hole depth of input such as to wait for data next. Apparent, this kind of method makes mistake very easily, also very take time, can say to not was necessary completely. Another problem is must delete 2D feature to offer 3D cutting from inside the model subsequently (lest cutting cutting tool is cut,enter Kong Zhong) . Now, after aperture arises, the treatment information of aperture (so via or blind aperture, it is bore still attacks whorl to wait) can include in the model. These information can be changed automatically by treatment software and generation gives way of wants bore cutting tool. Collateral project ends in products plan normally before, the mould makes manufacturer already began to undertake the mould is designed namely. Be in afore-mentioned in these phase, they can obtain the IGES document of has modified design ceaselessly. Generally speaking, what they get is whole model, is the part that has revised in the model not just. This means them to always lose the certain change of the model in afraid meeting. What just discover a certain place that ignored a model in the later period that the mould is designed and machines is fluctuant, that is deadly. They hope to a kind of method can help the metabolic share that identifies design of the model in giving different version model. Some CAD system already had this kind to be able to be inspected now identify a function. This project built conclusion to be aimed at the CAD software system that the mould makes completely, this system used the mixture of integrated and hypostatic modelling and advantage of curved surface modelling to establish modular method. Outside eliminating all tool that provides place of common CAD system to have, this system still provided the special tool that be designed in the light of the mould in great quantities and makes each level. The 3D model packet that builds through this CAD system contains substantial treatment knowledge, can machine manufacturer to the mould is designed and make a process as the mould advocate CAD model and advocate news source, share for whole company. The model can use Toolmaking-oriented to examine implement (should examine implement to be examined freely implement) examine, can use method of cutting tool of generation 3D cutting and method of 2D bore cutting tool, all setting detailed list of the electrode that generation EDM place uses and need of the place in machining a process. Still need the place of paper head file in those, paper head file can be passed advocate the model is semi-automatic generation, do not have processor of necessary input other (if 2D machines software) . The system that the mould that manufacturing practice joins a project among them as a result made manufacturer do the following description to use project place to develop undertakes mould design is mixed after making, the most immediate effect that we see is whole pattern design and production quality, function and control clear improvement. CAD spare parts and mould precision also have very big rise. We can arise effectively quickly now and analyse the mixed pattern curved surface that comes from different client. In addition, cutting tool method generates ability and method quality to also very old rate rises. The work efficiency of the use efficiency of our CAD system and project technology personnel rises significantly. The system that the another mould that joins a project made manufacturer do the following description to be developed from use project undertakes mould design is mixed after making, we are acceptability the mould of model of more complex form is designed and machine the task, can produce figure extremely complex mould surface and very the cutting tool way with efficient economy. Be less than 8 weeks time, we can be designed and produce the treatment pattern that gives the model with very complex form, and be designed before and machine similar pattern to need 10 to 12 weeks. We distribute a model easily now complex 3D model, effectively generation unplugs modular horn and cent model line. The use that 3 axes 3D machines is gotten simply also much. A variety of new treatment that systematic place provides are politic, great rose to quench the steel, copper, high speed with black lead machines speed. Additional, from movable unripe setting detailed list solved us to felt the most time-consuming in the past, most headaching problem CNC Milling CNC Machining