Cementite quenchs the economy with ionic nitriding gear is analysed

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In the case hardening technology of gear, cementite quenchs is the conventional technology with a very long, mature history, as temperature situation of control, carbon controls the development that waits for technology of form a complete set, it is the first selection craft of gear aggrandizement all the time, but change a technology as a result of nitrogen, especially the unique dominant position that ionic nitrogen changes technical place to have, the success application example on gear product is increasing in recent years, also make a of gear case hardening important way. The article tries from economy respect, quench to cementite with ionic nitriding the technology undertakes contrasting analytic, for gear design and craft choice provide reference. 1.

Comparative analysis undertakes the premise of comparative analysis, it is the carrying capacity that the gear product below two kinds of craft has each other to comparative. Here chooses the nitriding gear with my company commonly used sunlight to use steel 42CrMo and cementite gear to serve as relative foundation with steel 20Cr Ni2Mo, undertake systems analysis from raw material, heat treatment and cost of relevant working procedure. Data makes clear, ionic nitriding quench than cementite exterior wearability wants tower above 70% ~ 80% , its nitriding layer has good wear-resisting performance to reach consensus basically already. Watch 1 with the watch 2 listed respectively data of the bend fatigue limit of two kinds of gear and osculatory exhaustion limit, this is two sunlight that measure gear carrying capacity main index. Express limit of 1 gear bend fatigue (R = 99% ) craft of gear material heat treatment is effective the layer is deep / shift of F /MPa 42CrMo of Mm σ is simple + ionic nitrogen is changed 0.

Groovy cementite of 7 280 20CrNi2Mo quenchs 1.

2 ~ 1.

3 226 expresses 2 gear to contact fatigue limit (R = 99% ) craft of gear material heat treatment is effective the layer is deep / shift of H /M Pa 42CrMo of Mm σ is simple + ionic nitrogen is changed 0.

Groovy cementite of 7 1533 20CrNi2Mo quenchs 1.

2 ~ 1.

3 1415   from the watch 1, watch 2 can see, 0.

The 42CrMo gear of 7mm nitriding layer and 1.

2 ~ 1.

The 20CrNi2Mo cementite of deepness of 3mm ooze layer quenchs gear photograph is compared, have each other to comparative even slightly high carrying capacity. The article regards contrast as analytic base point with this. Does 20CrNi2Mo cementite quench the primary technological process of gear is: ? Does  of Qian of shoot a glance at of  of Zhen of  of  of  of graph of regret holding sb in respectful awe grow permanent teeth Jing gathers up  of Jian rancorring  namely is the primary technological process of gear of nitriding of?2CrMo of Qian of コ of  of treasure of Zi of  of Zhen of Tao of Qian owlet full: ? Jing of Gui of  of province of children's hair of  of  of graph of regret holding sb in respectful awe gathers up Qi of breed of street of pry of colour of cook of U of  of  of Jian rancorring  is planted garden Fei kills lens to do branny frame of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of Tao  mallet! . ? ) raw material cost according to at present market level, price of forging of 42CrMo rolled steel is 9000 yuan / T, namely 9.

0 yuan / Kg, and price of forging of 20CrNi2Mo rolled steel is 18000 yuan / T, namely 18 yuan / Kg, latter is former double. (2) cost of normalizing of base of tine of 20CrNi2Mo of conditioning treatment cost is 0.

8 yuan / Kg, and attune of 42CrMo tine base pledges cost is 1.

2 yuan / Kg. (3) basis of the process cost that make a tooth-like part of anything the technological process of my company and business accounting standard, the cost making a tooth-like part of anything below the condition is counted to undertake convert in coequal modulus, tine to two kinds of gear, cost of gear hobbing of 20CrNi 2Mo gear is about 0.

5 yuan / Kg, and the cost inserting tine of 42CrMo gear is about 1.

3 yuan / Kg. Nextpage     (4) deepness of layer of ooze of basis of heat treatment cost, ionic nitriding craft 8.

0 yuan / Kg, cementite quenchs craft (the deepness before rubbing 1.

5mm plan) for 4.

6 yuan / Kg. This cost had considered water, report, gas, craft material, artificial reach the element such as equipment. (5) the cost that throw ball 0.

3 yuan / Kg, be confined to cementite to quench gear, and nitriding gear does not have this cost. (6) follow-up finished cost undertakes convert according to the parameter of comparative gear and roll flute man-hour, this cost of 20CrNi2Mo gear is 48.

5 yuan / Kg, and nitriding gear does not have this cost. 2.

Effect analysis passes pair of above each cost of two kinds of sclerotic gear has pool, its are shown 3 times like the watch as a result. Express 3 cost collect (yuan / Kg) project cementite quenchs ionic nitrogen changes raw material 18 9.

0 conditioning treatment 0.

8 1.

The 2 craft that make a tooth-like part of anything 0.

5 1.

3 heat treatment 4.

6 8.

0 throw ball 0.

3, sequel is machined 48.

5, aggregate 72.

7 19.

5   from the watch 3 can see, the cost of gear of 42Cr Mo ionic nitriding is equivalent to 20Cr Ni2Mo cementite quenching only of gear 27% the left and right sides, accordingly, from economic angle for, ionic nitriding gear has quite large dominant position. Of course, rather he any technologies are same, craft of these two kinds of aggrandizement has respective limitation and suitable scope, among them ionic nitriding craft applies to the gear product under modulus 8mm only commonly. To the gear of bigger modulus, rise as what deepness of its sclerosis layer asks, craft cycle can be lengthened greatly, its also are met in the advantage of economy respect more and more not apparent. To the workpiece of inconvenience of certain roll flute, wait like worm, ring gear, can use the sclerotic technology of nitriding and so on only. The article discusses no longer to these elements. 3.

The advantage of technology of epilogue ion nitriding, basically include low be out of shape, tall wearability, corrosion resistance, and fight agglutination ability reliably, look now, still have its good economy. In last few years, wait for the development of relevant technology as pulse power source and computer, ionic nitriding technology is more and more mature also, replace backward aeriform nitriding craft stage by stage not only, and aeriform cementite craft can be replaced inside certain limits. Additional, because suffer the concussion of energy crisis, equipment of domestic wind phone presents a fast development impetus. Although be at present in market of wind phone equipment, homebred portion returns short of half of country, but potential is tremendous. Sunlight close Ministry of finance already published policy, research and development of wind phone equipment will be obtained energetically allowance. This kind of big setting, it is to was the application of ionic nitriding technology to build capacious platform more. CNC Milling CNC Machining