The crucial question with medium design of compound treatment technology studies Che Xi

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As computer technology, machine tool technology and the ceaseless development that machine engineering technology, already cannot satisfy people traditionally to be opposite with treatment of foreword of division of labor of onefold treatment method the requirement that machines speed, efficiency and precision. Below such setting, che Xi is compound processing technique emerge as the times require. Che Xi is compound the concept of treatment is " hold clip, all and finishing " , mode of this kind of treatment need not intervene artificially, in condition of the position that hold clip falls, the machine tool can have car, mill, auger, the treatment task such as boring and Che Xi [1] . Compound processing technique regards Che Xi as a kind of efficient, high accuracy, and the technology of advanced CNC Machining that gets used to much breed of modern manufacturing industry, small lot, individuation to expand demand, be taken seriously increasingly [2] . Compound treatment is Che Xi complex part, tall nice spare parts and difficult treatment spare parts offerred advanced solution, the treatment difficult problem that solved traditional machining center hard [3-4] . The main advantage of compound treatment facilities depends on Che Xi treatment craft more agile, working procedure more concentration, can shorten thereby the product workmanship catenary, effectiveness that improves technology, reduce a hardware the frequency holding clip in whole treatment process, raise the position to machine precision. But in applying actually, face a lot of difficulty and challenge however. Main reason is in Che Xi compound treatment process is designed in, face Che Xi technology of sort of situation of labor of the treatment method decision making techniques of compound treatment, treatment and interference collision detect the technology still is in exploration phase, accordingly, compound treatment designs Che Xi craft level is low become the main obstacle that restricts treatment facilities application. As Che Xi the wide application of compound treatment facilities, research accords with Che Xi the advanced technology of compound treatment devises a method, dig the applied potential of equipment adequately, make the pressing demand of the enterprise. To solve this problem, the article faces Che Xi through the analysis sort of situation of labor of decision-making, treatment mixes the treatment method in design of compound treatment technology collision detects the research current situation of 3 crucial questions, discussed the means of settlement of relevant question. Decision making techniques of compound treatment method machines Che Xi the method is decision-making it is an influence technology design program is precise crucial link, it is the core problem that realizes craft to design intelligence to change. Machining the principle with decision-making method is a basis information of product production feature and treatment knowledge information give out the treatment method that contented treatment precision asks. In contemporary computer auxiliary craft designs a technology in, the diagnostic information of craft inference and information of treatment method knowledge use product feature database and treatment method knowledge base to have memory respectively commonly. As a result of conventional technology the design builds the description that pair of synchronism lack to machine relevant knowledge in diagnostic database and process of treatment knowledge base and expression in compose, in inference cannot get satisfaction Che Xi in decision-making process the treatment method of compound treatment is decision-making information, because this research accords with car mill,the treatment method decision making techniques of compound treatment has important sense. Current, face Che Xi the decision making techniques of compound treatment method still is in start level, but conventional treatment craft and the development of decision making techniques that 5 axes machine craft are already mature. Compound treatment method and tradition machine Che Xi methodological unit is treatment operation method, so compound treatment method can share Che Xi the feature of conventional treatment method and intellectual information; At the same time compound treatment method has Che Xi the character of synchronous treatment, this machines a method to undertake reframe chime is moved to the tradition with respect to the requirement. Group of task of Beijing aerospace university devotes oneself to the research of advanced workmanship domain, built more perfect feature database and treatment knowledge base [5-7] . This research is on this foundation, accede the method that its feature establishs modular technology and compose to build a knowledge base, have Che Xi through analysis and summary characteristic of compound treatment method, compose is built face Che Xi the diagnostic database of compound treatment and treatment method knowledge base. Through be based on feature and intellectual inference mechanism decision-making treatment method, solve existing craft to design a system to be in Che Xi is compound treatment method is decision-making the problem with the lack of power knowledge in the process, widen craft designs applied category of the system. Che Xi is compound the application that the outstanding characteristic of treatment is synchronous processing technique, synchronous treatment is to point to use much tool carrier at the same time cutting, can reduce handling time so, improve manufacturing efficiency. With mill of car of double tool carrier of double main shaft compound machine tool is exemple, synchronism machines main component for double tool carrier at the same time same the same a feature, double tool carrier of a workpiece is machined at the same time same two features of a workpiece and double tool carrier process two different work at the same time this 3 sort. A pair of much impacts are between diagnostic type and treatment method, if the circle outside turning can use double tool carrier to machine a feature at the same time, the circle outside also can using double tool carrier to machine turning at the same time and drill axial hole two features. Accordingly, need analyses synchronism to process relevant property information, accurate expression and clear description have in diagnostic database and technology knowledge base. Diagnostic database is the carrier that describes product feature information, included product feature type, reach the geometrical information of diagnostic correspondence and blame geometry information. Among them, geometrical information is the geometrical shape face that shows the feature is included; Be not geometrical information is to tag the dimension on geometrical shape face, surface roughness, form the information such as tolerancepublic errand, annotate. Unit is with the feature when compose builds diagnostic database, can the design information of complete expression product, conduce to the information between implementation products plan and process design delivering, support process design. Machining methodological knowledge base is the formalization expression of pair of treatment method suitable scope, appearance of the workpiece material that contains treatment method and its place to suit, geometry and economy machine the definition of precision. The knowledge base processes methodological information besides the description beyond, mirror treatment method and product to create the corresponding concern of information even, so that the basis machines methodological knowledge to match the treatment method that fits products plan requirement, it is treatment thereby the method is decision-making provide academic support. Treatment method is decision-making it is the diagnostic information according to the product and treatment knowledge undertake inference, decision-making the treatment method that gives demand of contented product precision. Che Xi is compound decision-making technological process is like treatment method the graph is shown 1 times, main move is as follows: Diagnostic information extracts: According to the geometrical model of the spare parts, get the technical requirement that the spare parts includes and diagnostic information, and the geometrical information of diagnostic correspondence and blame geometry information. Diagnostic information pretreatment: The format that according to treatment place of methodological knowledge model asks undertakes pretreatment to diagnostic information. Like product feature information medium precision is restricted to need to change the form that is accuracy class up and down, facilitate machining a method decision-making in undertake matching. Treatment method is decision-making: Get treatment method knowledge from inside machining methodological knowledge base, the knowledge base in given property value and diagnostic data undertake comparative, undertake matching with the information such as geometrical feature, material, precision and heat treatment, reach the feasible treatment method that accords with a condition, choose best treatment method to serve as decision-making result. Technology of sort of situation of compound treatment labor is in Che Xi when Che Xi machines complex part on compound treatment facilities, the labor situation number that the spare parts issues in outfit clip scale of much, sort is large, sheet relies on experience to get better sort program hard. Labor situation sort affects the actor of low quality of technology program not only, still can affect the treatment quality of the utilization rate that machines equipment and product. To fill cent develops Che Xi the process capability of compound machine tool, below the premise that in treatment the condition allows, many labor situation machines the part of synchronous operation implementation that carries double tool carrier at the same time. But machine to realize such synchronism, analyse Che Xi with respect to need the first concern between situation of labor of compound treatment synchronism, between situation of reasonable arrangement labor serial with collateral treatment order. Sort of traditional labor situation is sort of linear labor situation commonly, nonexistent synchronism machines a problem, use improvement intelligent algorithm to solve problem of labor situation sort effectively [8-9] . Che Xi is compound labor situation sort is to involve resource to attemper at the same time the complex issue with labor situation sort, resource attempers is the allocation of the main shaft that shows compound treatment facilities includes Che Xi and tool carrier, the combination that should consider synchronous labor situation not only in sort process accordingly concerns, still cent matchs reasonable main shaft and tool carrier. Nan-Chieh Chiu [the problem of working procedure sort that 10] is aimed at machining center of much tool carrier of much main shaft, used improvement genetic algorithm, but did not consider turning however in craft sort process craft and get the synchronism that cuts craft to machine means; Dae-Hyuk C [11] chooses a target for actor with the handling time of the product, used enumerate law to list Che Xi the program of all and feasible treatment of compound treatment, but this method applies to the part with labor little situation only, calculate otherwise the quantity will show exponential form to increase. Optimize the algorithm application in computer domain as intelligence, benefit has the research of craft sort with artificial intelligence technology, change a standard to improving the automation of craft sort and intelligence, rose to urge action actively. Graph 2 gave out to build what go up in foundation of labor situation digraph one kind to solve Che Xi signal of method of sort of situation of compound treatment labor, this method is united in wedlock 0 await algorithm of small resource allocation, can achieve the dynamic combination of synchronous labor situation and main shaft and tool carrier. The fundamental of digraph of Nextpage labor situation is according to product feature the develop between attacks criterion of relation and technology knowledge, express the first concern between labor situation with the form of digraph. Labor situation digraph with the most concise effect, formalization the earth's surface amounted to the first concern between labor situation. After the arrowhead of digraph of 2 labor situation is versed in from preferential treatment the pace is pointed to, the graph machines labor situation, like labor situation 1 precede over is versed in pace 3 treatment. To express the concern between labor situation well and truly, introduce logic and and logistic or relation, among them solid line expresses logic and the relation is like labor situation 9 must be in labor situation 5, 6, 7, machine after 8 treatment; The dot is underlined represent logic or the relation is like labor situation 5 in labor situation 2 perhaps be versed in pace 4 later treatment. 0 awaiting small resource allocation is to show mill of logical choice car is compound the synchronous labor situation of treatment, allocate corresponding main shaft and tool carrier in time, make all labor situations are in as far as possible get response for a short while. In allocating a process, do one's best improves the use efficiency of main shaft and tool carrier, reduce tool carrier latency time. Among them the use of tool carrier and main shaft follows the following regulation: A main shaft can install a workpiece only at most inside period of time; A tool carrier can machine situation of a labor only at most inside period of time; Different tool carrier can machine different labor situation at the same time. Synchronous treatment is two labor situations that concern without the tie, below the condition that in treatment equipment main shaft and tool carrier allow, means of a kind of when use efficient treatment. Synchronous treatment strategy basically has the circle outside end panel of the circle outside synchronous car, synchronous car, synchronous car and bore, synchronous milling and synchronism the academic and feasible plan such as radial bore. In process of sort of pace of example chemical industry, should make the handling time difference between synchronous labor situation the least, reduce the latency time of tool carrier. Compound craft designs Che Xi medium collision detects the technology is in Che Xi is compound in machining a process, because Che Xi is compound treatment facilities construction is complex, athletic component much, space is little, cutting tool and cutting tool, between cutting tool and tool carrier produce collision phenomenon extremely easily. Compound craft designs Che Xi the feasibility that medium collision detects is program of technology of test and verify, detect route of rail of situation of synchronous treatment labor, knife and treatment parameter are correct a kind of important step, accordingly, research collision detects the technology appears particularly important. As the development of computer technology, fictitious emulation technology is in bring down cost, raise efficiency respect to have distinct advantage. Collision check calculates a law to basically the space decomposes law and administrative levels to surround case law two kinds of algorithm, its core idea is to decrease as far as possible intersect the number that checks an object will rise detect speed. Dimensional cent solution is applied to evener geometrical object distributings in few and far between environment between detect, administrative levels surrounds a square law application is more wide, the collision in getting used to complex environment detects [12] . Che Xi is compound treatment environment is complex, athletic object is much, accordingly, the method that is based on administrative levels to surround a box was chosen in this research. The tradition detects the method is undertake or try for many times cut, debug ceaselessly, until affirm can fulfil booked treatment requirement, efficiency of this kind of method is low, periodic long, cost is high. Detect to rise efficiency, the collision check that is based on fictitious emulation technology calculates a standard [13-15] is technology program amend provided a basis, but basis of technologist of the need in amending a process experience beforehand appraise amends way, by beforehand the uncertainty that appraise causes and chance, to production the plan brings particular risk, if cannot be solved in time, the likelihood affects manufacturing schedule. To avoid blind program beforehand appraise, decrease repeatedly amendatory frequency, raise accuracy rate, assure precision, accurate computation produces initiative collision time and positional information to be able to solve this problem effectively. Graph 3 gave out to be with initiative collision time and position detect target, use improve OBB to surround a collision check to calculate a standard the flow that the exists possibly collision in program of compound to Che Xi technology has detecting. Che Xi is compound treatment is a dynamic process, in this method, regard one each as variable time parameter, it is labor situation cent a certain number of time node, try the collision case that dismisses every time node, simplified the difficulty that collision check calculates a standard. Algorithmic with Che Xi situation of compound treatment labor is unit, the OBB that establishs each target according to the geometrical boy or girl friend that labor situation includes surrounds box and its administrative levels to surround a tree; The faintness that is based on detached axis theory detects, fast eliminate does not produce the boy or girl friend of collision, reduce operation target, rise detect efficiency; Those who be based on vector law is accurate detect and trigonometry face piece intersect algorithmic, computation produces the time of initiative collision and position. Detect in faintness level, when producing collision, computation leaves the collision case of node for a short while; When producing collision, enter detect accurately level. Detecting accurately level, when producing collision, return faintness to detect level, computation leaves the collision case of node for a short while; When producing collision phenomenon, output detects result. Until all over all previous to be over all time node of this labor situation, the collision that finish detects process. This computation can help craft design personnel to undertake the correction of technology program or athletic parameter quickly as a result, rose to amend efficiency. This algorithm applies to Che Xi compound treatment all treatment types, namely situation of groovy treatment labor and situation of synchronous treatment labor. Compound treatment craft designs mill of last word car is the heat that at present technology design domain studies, also be one of difficulty. The article is analysing Che Xi on the foundation of characteristic of compound treatment craft, sort of situation of labor of decision-making, treatment mixes the treatment method in studying compound treatment craft designs Che Xi interference collision detects 3 crucial questions. According to Che Xi in compound treatment " synchronous treatment " characteristic, put forward to solve the method of afore-mentioned problems: Include to build face Che Xi the treatment method of compound treatment is decision-making mechanism; Applied synchronism machines strategy, use labor situation digraph and the 0 methods that await small resource allocation; The collision check that will be based on OBB to surround a box calculates a law to be used at detecting quickly Che Xi is compound the collision in treatment. These methods are OK the feasibility of program of design of technology of test and verify and accuracy, solve Che Xi problem of sort of situation of compound treatment labor, raise the efficiency of labor situation sort and level. CNC Milling CNC Machining