The function of balata of silicon of hot vulcanization fluorine, treatment reachs his to apply

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Fluorine silicon balata regards a kind of high-powered elastomer as material, hold an oil resistant concurrently, be able to bear or endure solvent, be able to bear or endure chemical, be able to bear or endure ozone, be able to bear or endure weather ageing, be able to bear or endure a series of good character such as laziness of high low temperature, physiology, already was in communication of national defence war industry, aerospace, electron, petro-chemical received wide application with the domain such as medical treatment sanitation. The important and characteristic oil resistant of fluorine silicon balata, be able to bear or endure solvent, be able to bear or endure silicon balata photograph compares balata of silicon of chemical sex fluorine and methylic vinyl, its oil resistant, be able to bear or endure solvent, be able to bear or endure chemical sex is extremely admirable; Although be compared with fluorine balata photograph, oil resistant, solvent resistance also is good. All showed admirable wear after the macerate below identical medium, temperature, time, can saying fluorine silicon balata is exclusive one kind is in - 68 ℃ ~ is able to bear or endure below 232 ℃ the elastomer that is not polarity medium. Of fluorine silicon balata be able to bear or endure it is better also to contain methanol gasoline sex, although be in benzine / methanol (85vol% / 15vol% ) in mixture system, change of the hardness of its vulcanization glue, tensile strength, bulk is very little, after via 500h long macerate experiments, each content sex also did not change almost. The pyrolysis of balata of silicon of hear resistance fluorine and silicon balata are same, namely: Side catenary oxidation, advocate catenary ruptures, side catenary pyrolysis and cause all sorts of complex reaction. Because decompose child to also can be caused advocate catenary ruptures, so hear resistance should be differred than silicon balata normally a few, already began oxidation ageing below the temperature of 200 ℃ . But through adding iron, titanium, rare land kind oxide a few hot stabilizing agent can make its win marked improvement, although be below 250 ℃ high temperature,also have enough hear resistance. Temperature compares silicon balata to influence of fluorine silicon balata big, but the balata that compare fluorine is small. Abroad still studied fluorine silicon balata is in the service life below condition of 4000h of × of 5000h of × of 2000h of 150 ℃ × , 175 ℃ , 200 ℃ , its are to be next to methylic vinyl as a result silicon balata. Balata of silicon of cold-resistant sex fluorine and common silicon balata are same, microtherm performance is good. Because fluorine silicon balata is the line that gives priority to catenary to form with soft Si-O high polymer, so microtherm character excel gives priority to the fluorine balata of catenary with C-C. Among them, fluorine silicon balata (LS-2370U) microtherm character is better, brittleness temperature is low amount to - 89 ℃ , and general fluorine balata is about - 30 ℃ . Electric function, anti-radiant the electric function of balata of function fluorine silicon and close of common silicon balata, but particularly commendable place is the change that waits for slashing condition to fall in high temperature, low temperature, damp, oily, dissolvent, chemical, ozone very small. Of fluorine silicon balata anti-radiant performance is not outstanding, but anti-radiant aging behavior excel is methylic vinyl silicon balata. Balata of silicon of fluorine of physical machinery function and common silicon balata are same, the mechanical intensity of vulcanization glue (especially tear strength) lower. Accordingly, improvement and the strength that increase fluorine silicon balata also are a main research task. American path Kang Ning (Dow Corning) early of organic silicon company gave high strenth, Gao Kang to rip fluorine silicon balata with respect to development (US-2332U) . China basically is centered in 20 centuries to the research of balata of high-powered fluorine silicon 80 time, although considered to gain certain headway to application from basic research, but wear than returning existence with foreign photograph not little difference. Of balata of silicon of other and characteristic fluorine be able to bear or endure weather ageing sex is very admirable, although expose after 5 years, still defend the performance with good hold. Ozone is elastomer one of most gas are made when ageing, but the phenomenon that fluorine silicon balata passes trends or chap or flaw did not discover after static experiment. In addition, laziness of the mildew resistance of fluorine silicon balata, physiology, fighting cruor sex also is very good. Although belong to solid,the treatment craft of fluorine silicon balata mixes balata of refine fluorine silicon, but but model is spent tall, do not need plasticate, can use refine machine or close refine machine to undertake mixing refine directly. Its increase medical order or mix refine process is as follows: Unripe glue (a few silicon of + of fluorine silicon balata balata) processing aid → pours + of agent of control of structure of + of → white carbon black glue, thin connect (5) → heat treatment → returns → of agent of refine + cross-linking thin (8 ~ 10) → goes out piece, , had better equip in upper part of canister of roller of machine opening temper with fire dustproof or convulsions device, in order to reduce white carbon black fly upwards. There must not be other foreign matter or micelle interfuse in the process that mix refine, temperature should be controlled it is under 40 ℃ , drive enough cooling water. Machine opening temper with fire mixes refine to have white slower, the time mixing refine of every batches of sizing material is about between 20 ~ 40min. Outfit glue is decided along with norms of machine opening temper with fire, the machine opening temper with fire of 320mm of × of general Φ 160mm is 1 ~ 2kg, of 620mm of Φ 250mm × for 5 ~ 8kg. Nextpage as to use close refine machine to mix refine, not only can increase production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and return what can reduce white carbon black to fly upwards to operate an environment with improvement. The order adding drug that close refine machine confuses refine is basic as similar as machine opening temper with fire, but to adding drug the requirement of time interval does not father case. The time mixing refine of every batches of sizing material is 8 ~ 18min about, the fill factor of close refine machine should be controlled in 0.

7 ~ 0.

The limits of 75 is relatively appropriate. The temperature that discharge glue and filling sort are concerned, should control normally in 50 ℃ ~ the limits of 70 ℃ . Heat treatment should use the white carbon black of gas phase law without exterior modified to regard as fill when strong dose, the structure must be joined to control an agent in sizing material. Accordingly, the heat treatment of sizing material also makes the process that needs together. The purpose of heat treatment basically depends on: Make the structure controls agent and white carbon black to be united in wedlock further; Eliminate small element volatile. Will tell commonly, the condition of heat treatment is 160 ℃ ~ 1 ~ of 200 ℃ × 1.

5 H. Filter to give product to squeezing, pressure delay goods, gelatinize goods, diaphragm goods to tell, mechanical impurity and not dispersive compounding ingredient particle are one of main factors that cause problem of product occurrence quality. Accordingly, the sizing material that uses to afore-mentioned goods place must undertake filtering. Filter glue machine can be used when filtering, usable also and common extruder is replaced. The temperature of machine canister, screw should control lowest, mesh norms with 120 ~ 200 eye are advisable. After park of classics of the sizing material that return temper with fire, because gel content increases, plasticity is reduced, when be being used so, must undertake returning temper with fire. Sizing material returns refine to answer stop where it should stop, return refine inadequacy, sizing material plasticity is poor, the surface is rough whole; And return temper with fire excessive, criterion size face will be tacky, go against an operation, it is such more to fluorine silicon balata particularly. Balata of vulcanization fluorine silicon is different from other and common balata, vulcanization is cent paragraph, 2 paragraphs finish twice. Time of a paragraph of vulcanization is short (1.

5 ~ 15min) , can make goods reachs the level that finalize the design only; Through 2 paragraphs of vulcanization (3 ~ 6h) hind ability achieves complete vulcanization quite, the ability of each content sex of vulcanization glue tends quite stable. Model vulcanization most the treatment that applies to the goods such as bowl of O form circle, skin, diaphragm, oil seal, gasket, jacket; Often pressing hot air vulcanization and pressurization vapour vulcanization basically is to be used at overburden of cable of rope of glue canal, adhesive plaster, adhesive plaster, glue, wire to wait push a product, press the treatment that delays product of goods, gelatinize. Vulcanization place uses equipment to be able to choose according to products type, vulcanization condition can decide according to product standards, ply, vulcanizing system. Goods of its mould pressing and the condition of a paragraph of vulcanization that push a product see a table respectively 1, the watch is shown 2 times. The balata of applied fluorine silicon of fluorine silicon balata is to hold the elastomer material with the balata that provide silicon and fluorine both and characteristic balata concurrently. With methylic vinyl silicon balata photograph is compared, the biggest advantage is oil resistant, solvent resistance; And compare with fluorine balata photograph, although be in,be able to bear or endure the difference of respect of alkyl hydrocarbon dissolvent is very profound, balata of fluorine of excel of sex of dissolvent of Dan Naifang hydrocarbon, its fine dissolvent has polarity only the ketone of big, young member. Sex of the hear resistance of fluorine silicon balata, cold-resistant, compression set sex more actor, and content sex is lesser to the dependence of temperature, showed good performance to high temperature from microtherm. Next, although be not used,plasticizer also can make the product that gets low hardness. Accordingly, fluorine silicon balata serves as a kind of new high-powered elastomer material to applying widely. The application of fluorine silicon balata basically is in communication of shipping of aerospace, car, electron, accurate instrument, petro-chemical wait for a domain with medical treatment sanitation, but field demand is the at present biggest still is manufacturing industry of rocket, satellite, car, aircraft. Aviation film: Gasoline tank is pressure regulating the valve in pipeline aerates with diaphragm, gasoline tank valve uses diaphragm (in - the film placing cloth that the coating of fluorine silicon balata that uses in the kerosene vapour of 200 ℃ of 55 ℃ ~ and the RP kerosene of 150 ℃ and polyester cloth make framework material) ; Static, dynamic weather strip: Bowl of washerbed down the livestock, skin, valvular; Automobile products: Oil pump of tube of sensor of fuel standard directive, atomizer diaphragmatic, fuel pump is diaphragmatic, moire weather strip of mat of the sealing ring after crankshaft of jacket, engine, air cylinder, fuel pump, gasoline tank builds washerbed down the livestock, gasoline tank to cheer weather strip of washerbed down the livestock, oil purifier; Other: Be able to bear or endure fluorine chloric oil, be able to bear or endure fluorine bromic oil, be able to bear or endure benzene of 3 chloric couplet, be able to bear or endure H2S solution, be able to bear or endure the weather strip such as liquid nitrogen. CNC Milling CNC Machining