The mill cant of milling model surface

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Mill cant can undertake machining with the following kinds of methods: (1) tilt workpiece what need point of view this law is installation when workpiece, turn oblique plane to horizontal position, the method that presses mill cant next will machine this cant. See a picture 1. Graph 1 tilt cant of installation workpiece mill (2) tilt milling cutter what need point of view this kind of method is to be in vertical milling machine or of all-purpose the horizontal milling machine that establishs milling head undertakes. Use the knife that carry mill or establish milling cutter, cutter shaft has turned corresponding angle. The workbench when treatment must drive workpiece to make transverse feed. If pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2 cutting tool tilt mill cant (3) can go up in horizontal milling machine with cant of mill of angle milling cutter with cant of as direct as the angle milling cutter of workpiece angle conform to mill. Refer to a graph 3. Graph 3 when using plane of mill of cant of mill of angle milling cutter, to save auxiliary time, each treatment face should be designed opening same plane inside (graph 4a is right) , can machine all surfaces in taking a knife so, the surface outside be being used as far as possible is replaced inside the surface (graph 4b is right) , be when reducing milling, be out of shape, (graph 4c is right) shows part is due the structure that strengthens costal region in order to increase tigidity. Graph 4 CNC Milling CNC Machining