The level that tests an industry -- PXI

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In 20 centuries 90 time later period, test and measure an engineer to commonly only two kinds check special platform to be able to choose -- VXI and GPIB. Although VXI realized platform modular, but the price is high, use complex, and cannot use the technology of mainstream computer come true more high-powered. GPIB has wider functional sex and higher sexual price to compare, but however hard compositive in synchronous, efficient test system. 1997, NI drafts a new solution: PXI, the CompactPCI that optimizes to check the task only. 1998, NI and the PXI system alliance that manufacturer of other test equipment cooperates push PXI as industrial standard to the market. PXI system alliance leads by 6 manufacturers: Ascor, GeoTest, Teradyne, NI, Pickering reachs PXIT, still include more than 50 production and cooperative company. Today, domestic company is being developed actively and more than 60 support module of more than kinds of 800 PXI. As a result of PXI ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, offer brand-new product for more application, because the future of this this one platform develops,be lasted value. PXI measures the successful ascribe that reachs automation platform: Through compositive spark reach standardization basic system configuration will optimize test CompactPCI; Use the mainstream technology such as PCI, Microsoft Windows, Eurocard and aether net; The first-rate in having congener product measures performance; Function rises ceaselessly; Sexual price is compared more the choice of actor; Apply at a variety of industries (consume control of procedure of aviation of / of electron, military affairs, industry, forward position to consider to wait for) for example; The wide support that manufacturer of global much home provides. Basis " PXI And VXIbus Newsletter " year report, 2002 end, the amount of PXI product has exceeded 880 kinds. The fast growth rate that PXI increases to apply a domain quickly to value PXI generally each will continue in future. Because,this basically is: Above all, from whole test the domain is told, cost of low to falling product (test cost especially) the requirement will make automation checks systematic amount to increase. Next, will tell from the technical advantage of PXI itself, its collect is time with spark, taller bandwidth and more the sexual price of actor is compared at a suit, make test platform first selection thereby. Again, the mixture solution that PXI still offerred a kind of clarity namely PXI mixes hardware easily software, include to go up generation VXI, GPIB and new product of the equipment that string together a mouth and PXI, USB and aether network equipment are compositive together. Finally, new the PXI product that roll out continues to expanding the function limits of PXI. For example, a certain number of function that rolled out 2003 expand the product includes: LeCroy- new-style 2GS/s digitlizes appearance; The synthesizer of 3GHz radio frequency that Aeroflex - matchs reachs digitlization appearance; NI-100Ms/s mixture signal is covered, aleatoric and undee generator, digitlize appearance and digital I/O. A few bigger if consume electronic equipment, military affairs,reach the market territory such as test of aviation, industry and forward position research to be in what use PXI will satisfy them with the market that increasing all sorts of demand. In sphere of consumptive electron device: Lexmark International depends on mass production, sudden throw on the market all the time, and good production cost management will keep successful. The systematic totle drilling cost that for this test that its product line uses the system also must hold inferior and maintain cost, each production factories duplicate and can apply in the whole world thereby. The PXI 100 MS/s that Lexmark International chose NI mixes signal to cover - the PXI-5122 high accuracy that includes NI digitlizes appearance and generator of PXI-6552 number weaveform / analyzer - and software of LabVIEW 7 Express will raise its the measurement of electric test precision and digital clock frequency. In military affairs and aviation domain: Lockheed Martin airline is to make aircraft of advanced for military use - the leader that includes new-style F-35 to hit battleplan jointly, they measured the new-style test system of hardware and software to replace the system that is based on VME with using occupation standard PXI. Compare with original equipment photograph, test rate rises 80 times, saved airline at the same time the new-style battleplan design of tens of 10 thousand U.S. dollors and development expenses. The domain checks in industry: The soft hardware environment with the experience that GenRad company tests a domain 85 years in the car and perfect NI checks GR Versa platform to push jointly to the success. Control unit to undertake ECU(electron more as far as possible) collateral test, genRad chose 7 of box of NI standard PXI to insert groove, the test demand that designed box of 21 chamfer 6U PXI to grow possibly in the future in order to face and system upgrade space. The field researchs in forward position: Dalian railroad institute can undertake to be built quickly character of component of bogie of urban orbit car determines the high-powered test platform with kinetic performance measurement, chose the PXI-1000 of NI, PXI-1001, PXI-1002, PXI-8330, PXI-6070E and PXI-6071E, and LabVIEW software, complete project construction successfully. Mix through will object-oriented process designing technology " multilayer " architecture application is developed to test program, can safeguard what improved a system gender and but expansibility. Besides, already big range uses production field of car and ATE PXI product. Numerous manufacturer support urges a client all-around be benefited a of PXI main advantage is 60 Yu Ming manufacturers support and drive a standard to develop ahead. A large number of manufacturers will ensure the speed of innovation, and offer more functions and higher sexual price to compare. Meanwhile, it still means an engineer to must be clear about when selecting a product know to choose a level, namely the manufacturer must be in banner level in technology, support and management tripartite face. The technology precedes the requirement has sex of the best function in congener product, innovation and complete software applicability. The test instrument with handling capacity of the signal source rate that the best function in congener product includes rate of precision, dynamic limits, sampling to may be offerred, data, flexibility, calibration, working range and important other parameter. Technical leader innovates ceaselessly, choose new-style hardware and software ceaselessly thereby to the market. These new product innovation expand ceaselessly the functional limits of PXI, bring value for the client. And, it still asks technical leader offers the software solution that applied process development, configuration and setting place use, and efficient instrument driver. Support precedes the requirement is buying around to check the pressure of time to shorten, development test and the engineer need that survey a system and for goods square engineer undertakes communicating. Distributing as a result of systematic application the whole world, so technical support leader should be in the world the sale that each time zone offer use place language and technical support engineer. Manage lead demand devoted resource, ceaseless roll out a product, and quality assures. From 1998 up to now, PXI management leader shows him adequately the investment to the product. The extensive sex that this can reach its PXI range of products from the new product measure that roll out and function see in the gender. Finally, management leader is depended on accord with global norms, safe provision and reflection of ISO 900x attestation to give product quality. On the ceaseless and patulous, innovation that PXI is making test and measured factual level quickly behave territory of market of the rapid growth in market share, application and numerous PXI company. Give out PXI through leaving, the CompactPCI that can achieve optimization to check, more than 60 company ensured each other is epicene, versatility and clear choice standard. As alliance of system of more than 60 PXI the member continues to use mainstream technology, raise systematic automation rate, and development much platform mixes a solution, the innovation of PXI will continue. CNC Milling CNC Machining