Mould industry develops way: The structure is complex precision is tall

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The abidance of Chinese economy high speed develops, the development that is mould industry provided vast space. Mould industry is in the development henceforth, want above all more those who notice its product structure is strategical adjust, make the high-grade mould with complex, tall precision gets the structure rapidder development. The demand that our mould industry matters to follow the market closely will develop. Of the demand that does not have a product, product change, the technology that does not have mould industry progresses, also go up with respect to what do not have mould product dimensions, on class. Be like the component of the 90% above in car production, want to rely on mould figuration, be in bead trigonometry and long triangle, for the mould production value of automobile industry form a complete set growth is amounted to 40% the left and right sides. And the discretion of mould technology level, the development capacity of the quality that deciding a product greatly, benefit and new product. Already made the important mark that measures product of a country to make horizontal on any account. Next, want to advance the development of industry of center-west region mould actively, effort is contractible develop the difference of area and underdeveloped area. A lot of areas had realized ministry of Chinese and Western the develops pair of manufacturing industry main effect of mould industry. If the mould such as Shaanxi, Sichuan, Heibei produces standard of the scale of production of the enterprise, technology,had very great progress, heibei is promoted forest limited company of pattern of guest general assorted depends on the appropriate of development; Sichuan that the mainstay business that limited company of automobile body production group regards Heibei berth head as the area drove business of a mould strong capital is devoted, new canto will be written down in future. The 3rd, should push pattern company actively especially the system of state-owned company innovates, changeover manages a mechanism, expand economy of mixture system of ownership energetically, clear property right and perfect legal person administer a structure. Send the internal motive force that digs business development adequately. In wanting to be advanced actively, western industrial foundation is better the manufacturing industry of the area is large and medium-sized proprietor of an enterprise complementary depart, make factory of its mould workshop, cent is in not quite long time, use a variety of effective implementation forms, changeover mechanism, expand property right energetically clear, paddle one's own canoe manage, get used to the market to run the company of contemporary and professional pattern that produces quick reaction with the mould, education can represent industry standard " bibcock " enterprise, drive the development of region industry catenary. The 4th, be driven with IT and promote the production technology of mould industry the standard, it is the crucial link that urges mould technology progress. Technology of CAM of / of CAD / CAE applies mediumly in mould industry, fast prototype makes technical application, make the design of the mould made a technology produce heavy revolution. Have again, develop and make a standard of the mould rise, return hang on to use numerical control nicety efficient treatment facilities, if 5 axes machine mill of machine tool, high speed,wait. Superfinishing method also is used at mould treatment in great quantities, current, the key direction of mould processing technique is not to have a graph to change production, sheet collateral treatment, little person changes high accuracy or nobody change treatment and the principle that carry out an outfit to do not deserve to be repaired less to wait. Converse project, collateral project, nimble make, the advanced production technology such as fictitious technology applies mediumly in mould industry general already also. CNC Milling CNC Machining