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LM50 Che Xi is compound the center is machine tool of linkage of a 9 axle control, 5 axes numerical control. The machine tool basically configures a system to have: System of German SIEMENS840D numerical control; Deserve to have B axis, Y axis; Of coaxial contraposition advocate, deputy main shaft; The 12 labour of main shaft of milling of the high-power of upper part of park machine tool, high-powered numerical control and lower part of park machine tool tower of knife of drive of two-way motivation servo; Can hold the chain knife library of 36 knives at the same time. Main shaft of machine tool milling and the compound treatment that tower leaving a sword can cooperate to implement complex part with either main shaft and complete treatment. The machine tool is main the characteristic is as follows: 1.

The machine tool uses structure of horizontal whole lathe bed. 60 ° tilt slideway and combination of horizontal slideway photograph, make a machine tool rigid bits of strong, platoon easy, construction is reasonable. Each linear feed axis all uses the machine tool Germany installs slideway of high accuracy scroll formerly deputy with guide screw, raised the athletic character of each relevant feed axis and feed precision. 2.

Use rod of tall rigid Y. The machine tool uses 2 groups of slideway to synthesize motion to realize Y axis feed, assume the cutting power that comes from Y axis, ensure Y axis has enough tigidity. CNC Milling CNC Machining