Mould of plastic faucet housing is designed

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Common faucet is cast-iron commonly or of casting copper, cumbersome, Yi Sheng becomes rusty, need technical tool ability to install, and disassemble troublesome. Plastic faucet and cast-iron faucet are compared, the shell is beautiful and facilitating installation, change, practical strong, cost is low, have very tall vendibility so. The key that this product develops depends on the development of the mould, the article is plastic the mould design of one housing narrates the main body spare parts of faucet as follows. 2 model craft analyses model if what the structure shows, model exterior quality has particular demand, outside face does not allow the occurrence cut, bleb, blemish such as shrinkage cavity, and the requirement is worth than inferior exterior surface roughness, consequently runner should be opened in model shadow. As a result of model it is to use whorl and other component connective, to prevent slack, model whorl part should have taller precision, this model the precision that two whorl are in is 3 class, others is 5 class precision. By model the structure is knowable, the mould is unfavorable use inclined guide pillar, slide block cent smoke core, can produce interference and the complex rate that raise mould structure otherwise, use the horizontal cent structure that takes core then (namely cent face and inject machine open modular way perpendicular) . Additionally this mould still needs circular arc to smoke core, side smokes core, one takes off whorl orgnaization, ability model complete emergence. Model place is ABS with material, its fluidity is medium, moisture absorption is big, the model of exterior requirement burnish must long warm-up is dry, taller to precision model, modular lukewarm appropriate takes 50 ~60 to be versed in model of pair of burnish, heat-resisting, modular lukewarm appropriate takes 60~80 ° C.

With force plunger type inject machine shapes, expect 3 moulds design Wen Wei 3.

1 cent face and shape affirmatory model of the position the position inside the mould is by its the appearance place of itself is decided. Body of faucet a powerful person is control partial place to comprise with by an a passageway giving water, passageway that drink water. Because inject machine carries a device on the head to be in movable mould a side, according to common law, model should stay in movable mould, the tip that gives device to drive a pattern by the top of inject machine next gives orgnaization general model outside rolling out a model and drawing of patterns. Decided this mould wants to use a level so cent structure, namely cent face and inject machine open modular way perpendicular. Because cent face is being made inevitably on stay go all out add up to seamed trace, according to model exterior requirement, the mould is used set structure spelling type, mould antrum distributings along cent face semmetry, namely the half is secured in fixed die, the half is secured in movable mould. 3.

The 2 orgnaizations that smoke core are designed by model the graph can see, model it is 3 canals structure, the mould needs 3 to smoke core, because this smokes core orgnaization,the design is the key that the mould designs. 3.


Arc of passageway of a water smokes core orgnaization model after deciding in the position of the mould, the place that takes core and direction also decided. Model passageway giving water is the circular arc form that submits central line radius to be 40mm, because this must use circular arc,smoke core. Smoking core as a result of the circular arc of this mould is undertake inside the plane that shows 90 ° with direction combining a model, can use modular force fasten to be in then fixed die the rack that go up pulls the straight gear that changes movable mould limit, after the helical gear that becomes 90 ° through each other changes direction, drive arc of edge of arc rack core to take out by straight gear, can finish this pace to take core action. Of this kind of structure smoke unplug it is OK to be apart from very long, can contented model arc takes core demand. 3.


The side of the 2 passageways that drink water smokes core orgnaization model side aperture uses compose of the curved trigger that sell slot to undertake side smoke core, usually, should smoke unplug be apart from when be more than 100mm, use inclined guide pillar to smoke core to be able to make mould structure too huge, because this uses a turn normally,sell smoke core. Common turn sells a structure to have 2 kinds, if what show. The turn of A structure sells place to occupy a space big, the action is not quick, it is more difficult also to combine a model. The turn of B structure sells groove to cannot bear bigger smoke unplug force, for this union two kinds of structures try to improve, the turn that the design shows into C place sells groovy board, be about to groovy treatment makes up for his to be not worth on flat. The turn sells the option of groovy dip. The option of the curved dip that sell slot is very important, should when dip angle is bigger although smoke,unplug be apart from bigger, but smooth stability of the intensity of groovy aperture, tigidity and motion is poorer, how can just make smoke unplug be apart from what with groove Kong Suocheng suffers to curve force at the same time give attention to two or morethings, technical data gives out tilt experience data is ° of 10 ° ~20 right now the selection of groovy aperture dip is as follows: The choice of A of dip of the 1st phase. When undertaking the 1st phase smokes core to move, as a result of model closely bag is in model on core, cause bigger package to tighten force. Groovy aperture is in when guiding slide block to smoke core, want to overcome packet of close force already, want to overcome force of slide block attrition again, the power that because this is in,place of motion of this phase slide block needs is greater, requirement chamfer aperture has the higher capacity that defy a turn, in intensity, tigidity and motion smooth sex respect asks taller. Because this undertakes the dip when this phase motion should be chosen in experience data inside limits of ° of 10 ° ~20, this mould chooses A=15 ° the choice of dip of the 2nd phase. When undertaking the 2nd phase smokes core to move, model already mixed model core come away, force already was tightened without the bag between them, aperture of the chamfer when continueing to smoke core needs to overcome force of slide block attrition only, and strength of slide block attrition is general very small, because this chamfer aperture fights curved ability and mechanical function,ask inferior, grow to obtain right now smoke core to be apart from, can choose obliquitous angle big one 3.


The emergence of 3 control part needs to load by threaded coupling as a result of this part inside a powerful person is covered consequently model on have a paragraph inside whorl, want to consider the emergence way of whorl then, this mould is used whorl means is taken off outside the model, outside the model will model core is taken out, need a few thread plug and preheater for this, outside still wanting a chance, assist take model core orgnaization. 3.

This mould uses form of 3 gating system and runner position improve model side runner undertakes injecting shaping. Side runner has appearance to facilitate treatment is reached simply adjust dimension, precision assures easily to wait for a characteristic. Through the change sectional dimension can adjust the setting time of the speed full a pattern of fuse-element and runner, in order to obtain good position full a pattern, can use at all sorts of plastic, but insufficient is to must undertake runner is handled going, raise cost. One kind introduces to be able to pass modular course below automatic with model detached, in model on the side runner with rudimental very small mark, the in the limit of that also can say makes sexual side runner, runner dimension if. Runner of this kind of side is on appearance design and treatment should ensure runner coagulates the weakest part of makings is in model the surface, when flying a model so, cut off runner very easily and do not leave a mark. Use facilitating model of this kind of runner shape, can drop model exterior surface roughness is worth, the flow near improved runner reachs a mark, raise physical function to wait. As a result of model exterior quality demand is higher, so runner should be opened in model shadow. After been install as a result of faucet, its are bottom from above cannot see, and bottom and plastic layer is thicker, so appropriate is entered from bottom makings, namely runner is opened in model bottom. 3.

Orgnaization of 4 drawing of patterns because model exterior quality demand is higher, unfavorable use push rod to roll out model, additionally its structure still was restricted unfavorable use the means of drawing of patterns such as push rod or ejector sleeve. The means of drawing of patterns that this mould uses is pull rod is driven pull board, and pull board drive thread plug model roll out on driven model antrum. Model model of sealing ring balata designs Sun Hongying (Shandong double start group limited company, shandong flourish is become 264326) mould construction is reasonable, fixed position is reliable, the operation is convenient, can offer for congener products plan. For some structure of sealed spare parts and main measure, material is balata, hardness is Shao Er 50 degrees, ra =1 of exterior surface roughness.

Be like M, working surface is inside and outside two lips edge, and have part. Because the flexibility of material is good, give model bring certain difficulty. Ask to achieve the design of the product and assure product quality, mould structure chooses and model antrum dimension becomes most crucial factor certainly. 2 moulds are designed 2.

Dimension of 1 model antrum is calculated 2.


The shrinkage after vulcanization of balata of 1 balata shrinkage is 1.


5% (pure rubber products) , for personnel of design of this pair of moulds, it is the parameter that must master, but sizing material shrinkage is very multiterminal of a change, complex issue, return neither one at present true, the perfect accurate consideration that has economic value is formulary, can estimate by experience only or measure several technologies division actually in order to accumulate, phone: (0631) 7741774: 001 ― are occupied. Because even if same kind of sizing material, same deputy pattern, below same technology condition, the goods shrinkage after vulcanization also differs somewhat, reason shrinkage also is an approximation, suffer the craft element effect such as appearance, hardness plus goods, can press measures shrinkage only average or introduce necessary correction to calculate appropriately on average foundation the dimension of mould antrum. The computational formula of shrinkage of goods of balata mould pressing is more, recommend 2 kinds now. 4 last words apply this mould to produce plastic faucet what require installation cost little, special apply to production of engine of simple and easy inject, in a lot of small-sized fair applied value is had in civilian battalion enterprise, average every pairs of mould produces per month plastic faucet housing to amount to 20 thousand. CNC Milling CNC Machining