Laser beam welding receives a technology to make medium application and progress in the car

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[summary] the competitive aggrandizement of laser technology laser beam welding receives a technology to make the application in industry in the car. New laser beam welding receives power source and higher power to make laser beam welding is received entered long-term since be soldered by the tradition all the time the production domain of the car automobile body of technical place forestall, make laser technology received very wide application in auto industry. Use laser to mix solder the join capacity that the technology can increase stamping workpiece aperture greatly, the craft stability that the arc welding when more sufficient favourable geographical position solders with laser high speed receives. Current, laser and its are compound solder the technology already got applied in a lot of industry departments, and the car is among them the most significant section, the most typical case is automobile body enclothe a clipping laser to spell solder and coping and side wall solder. With laser will different ply, material pledges a few thin plate that reach function spell solder to rise, again strike out form. Not only raised overall material utilization factor, raise 80 % of 70 % ~ by 60 % of ~ of 40 % , and reduced weight, improved integrated and mechanical performance. Receive technical photograph to compare with onefold laser beam welding, laser mixes solder the technology has distinct advantage: Bigger frit is deep, bigger of aperture solder ability and better welding line tenacity, can affect welding line to organize a structure to reach through welding wire without welding line the reverse side flagging phenomenon. One, laser beam welding of principle of laser beam welding uses laser to regard as solder heat source, the robot regards motion as the system. The special advantage of laser heat source depends on, it is having super- of common increase heat energy power, can concentrate much energy on very little action place, have energy density so tall, heat concentration, solder speed is reached quickly solder be out of shape small wait for a characteristic, can realize laminose fast join. The power density that goes up when laser facula is enough big (> when 106 W/ Cm2) , the metal heats quickly below the illuminate of laser, its surface temperature is elevatory inside cutty time to boiling point, the metal produces aerification. Metallic steam leaves the outside of metallic bath with fixed rate, produce the metal that counteractive Yu Rong melts an additional stress, make its cave downward, a small indentation arises below laser spot. As heat of the process undertake, laser can shoot hole base directly, form a slightness " alveolus " . After the exterior pulling force that controls force and liquid state metal when the recoil of metallic steam and gravitational balance, alveolus continues no longer thorough. When facula density is very big, the alveolus that produces will be perforative at whole board thick, form dark penetrable welding line. Alveolus is opposite as photograph of beam of light at workpiece advance along direction of welding. The metal fuses in alveolus ahead, bypass alveolus is flowed to rear, new and caky formation welding line is shown 1 times like the graph. 2, laser beam welding receives equipment laser beam welding to receive equipment to basically be guided by laser, light system, solder machine and control system composition are shown 2 times like the graph. 1.

Laser basically has CO2 gas laser and YAG solid laser with the laser that receives at laser beam welding two kinds. The function with the mainest laser is output power and quality of beam of light. From consideration of this two direction, CO2 laser has very large dominant position than YAG laser, it is the laser that at present deep frit solders to basically be used, great majority of the application on production still lies limits of 15kW of 6 ~ . YAG laser is general power is less than 1kW, use at the small join of small small part. In recent years, abroad is being developed and respect of laser of manufacturing high-power YAG gained revolutionary headway, most high-power already amounted to 5kW, already sent person market. Because its wavelengh is short, it is the 1/ 10 of CO2 laser only, be helpful for metallic surface absorbing, can consumed fine is transmitted, simplify to guide solely system. Accordingly, high-power YAG laser beam welding receives a technology to be in rapid development will be obtained inside period of time henceforth, become CO2 laser beam welding to receive strong competitor. 2.

Light guides and focusing system light guides focusing system by round polarization lens, enlarge bundle lens, illuminator or fiber-optic and the composition such as focusing lens, implementation changes polarization of beam of light condition and direction, the function of transmission beam of light and focusing. The state of these optical spare partses receives quality to have all in all effect to laser beam welding. Below high-power laser action, optical component especially lenticular function is met deterioration makes transmitance drops, generation heats up lenticular effect, exterior pollution also can increase transmission loss. So the quality of optical component, safeguard and working status is monitored to assuring to solder quality is crucial. 3.

Solder the robot because laser - MIG is compound solder the technology is right solder the assembly of contact precision requirement is inferior, need not use the design means of robot of solder of laser drill rod surely so, distinguish the type twisting an arm at convention to solder already robot, also need not design welding line to dog automatically correctional system and laser are online testing system, the cost that can reduce tool equipment greatly so invests, lower the complex rate that tool designs. 3, the characteristic laser beam welding that laser beam welding accepts a method receives a method to have following characteristics: (1) energy density is high, agree with high speed solders. (2) weld time the heat of itself of short, material is out of shape area of the influence that reach heat is small, suit high melting point, tall hardness to machine especially. (3) does not have electrode, tool to wait wear away use up. (4) is right environmental free from contamination. (5) can pass fiber-optic implementation the position that remote, common method obtains hard, multichannel at the same time or time-sharing solders. (6) changes laser very easily to output focal length and solder spot position. (7) carries robot device very easily to go up. Laser is compound solder the technology has distinct advantage. Solder to stimulating recover to close, the advantage basically reflects in: Without the phenomenon that burns prolapse of the reverse side of the welding line when wearing, suitable scope is wider; To laser - MIG solders, the advantage basically reflects in: Taller solder deepness of speed, fusion welding of big, generation solder the intensity that heats up little, welding line width of tall, welding line is small reach welding line is bulgy small, make the manufacturing process stability of whole system good thereby, equipment usability is good reach welding line to prepare workload and workload of processing of the welding line after soldering small, solder deliver a child produces man-hour weak point, cost efficiency of low, production is tall. 4, laser - electric arc is compound the main form that heat source solders 1.

Laser - TIG is compound solder laser and TIG are compound soldering characteristic is: (1) uses electric arc to enhance laser action, usable small-power laser replaces high-power laser to solder metallic stuff. (2) is soldering thin when but high speed solders. (3) can increase frit deep, improve welding line figuration, obtain high grade solder contact. (4) can alleviate requirement of precision of interface of end panel of mother capable person. For example, it is when CO2 laser power 0.

8kW, the electric current of TIG electric arc is 90A, solder when speed 2m/ Min, can comparative of the CO2 laser welder of 5kW solder ability, the TIG electric arc that the CO2 of 5kW stimulates beam of light and 300A is compound, solder speed 0.

When 5m/ Min of 5 ~ , acquisition frit is deep it is the CO2 that uses 5kW alone 1 when stimulating beam of light to solder.

3 ~ 1.

6 times. 2.

Laser - plasma arc is compound solder laser plasma is compound solder the coaxial means that if the graph is shown 3 times,uses. Plasma arc arises by cricoid electrode, stimulate beam of light from plasma arc among cross, plasma arc basically has two functions: Solder for laser on one hand provide additional energy, rise solder speed, rise then whole solder the efficiency of the process; On the other hand plasma arc surrounds it is all round laser, can produce the result of heat treatment, extend cooling time, also reduced the sensitivity of sclerosis and leftover stress, improved the microcosmic organization performance of welding line. 3.

Laser - MIG is compound solder laser - the fundamental of MIG compound solder is shown 4 times like the graph. Outside inputting energy to weld zone besides electric arc, laser also inputs quantity of heat to welding line metal. Stimulating technology of smooth compound solder is not two kinds solder the method is ordinal action, however two kinds solder method at the same time action at weld zone. Laser and electric arc are affected in different level and formally compound soldering function. In laser - MIG is compound when soldering, volatilize to happen in the surface of workpiece not only, also happen on fill welding wire at the same time, make more metals volatilize, it is more easy to make the energy of laser is transmitted thereby. The characteristic of MIG solder depends on power source cost low, sex of couplet of welding line bridge is good, electric arc stability is good, improve welding line composition through fill metal easily. And the characteristic that stimulates solder of beam of light depends on frit deep big, solder rate is high, hot input is low, welding line is narrow, but solder thicker material needs more of high-power solder laser. Stimulate recover to add up to what soldering bath compares MIG solder to want at the same time small, workpiece is out of shape small, after reducing solder greatly, correct solder metabolic works. Laser - MIG is compound solder, can produce two independent bath, after that the function that the temper after the quantity of heat that the electric arc of the face inputs removed solder at the same time handles, drop welding line hardness (especially solder steel) . Because stimulate recover to close,solder solder rate is very high, because this can reduce manufacturing time and manufacturing cost. 4.

Double stimulate beam of light to solder the technology receives a process in laser beam welding in, because laser power density is big, make solder mother capable person is heated quickly fused, aerification, make steam of high temperature metal. Below action of continuity of laser of high power density, create plasma cloud very easily, reduce workpiece not only to laser absorb, and make solder the process is not stable. After if be in,bigger deep frit alveolus is formed, reduce continue the laser power density of illuminate, just be opposite via the alveolus of bigger deep frit that form of laser absorb more, result laser is reduced to the action of metallic steam, plasma cloud can be reduced or disappear. Consequently, with power of a bundle of peak value taller pulse stimulates light and a bundle of successive laser, or the width of two bundles of pulse, pulse laser that repeats frequency and peak value power to have bigger difference undertakes to workpiece compound solder, soldering in the process, two bundles of laser are collective illuminate workpiece, form alveolus of bigger deep frit periodicly, next timely the illuminate that stops a bundle of laser, can make plasma cloud very small or disappear, improve workpiece to be opposite of laser energy absorb with use, increase solder frit is deep, rise solder ability, if pursue,5 are shown. 5, laser is compound solder the technology makes medium applied home in car automobile body about laser - electric arc is compound the report that heat source solders to apply actually is less, abroad especially Germany is more thorough to the research of this technology. Laser - electric arc is compound solder to apply extensively at auto industry. Solder with the door of German masses Phaeton for exemple (6) seeing a picture: Assure intensity to be in while the weight that reduces door again, the aluminium that people corporation uses punch, cast and extrusion. The 4980mm of welding line overall length of door, showing technology is 7 MIG welding line (overall length 380mm) , 11 laser beam welding are seamed (overall length 1030mm) , 48 laser - MIG compound welding line (overall length 3570mm) . Stimulate smooth compound solder to be used at the production of car of A8 of new-style Ao Di likewise. There is the contact of all sorts of normses and form on A8 side topbeam, use laser namely - MIG is compound solder craft, welding line adds up to 4.

5m is long. Stimulate smooth compound solder another characteristic has very wide solder namely fast adjust range. For example, compound solder is soldering when connect of Phaeton door butt joint, solder speed 1.

2 ~ 4.

8m/ Min is feasible. Normally welding wire sends filar speed to be 9m/ Min of 4 ~ , laser power is 4kW of 2 ~ . The solder of optimization fast be 4.

2m/ Min, speed sending silk 6.

5m/ Min, laser power 2.

9kW. MIG- laser is compound solder the biggest solder speed can amount to 9m/ Min. In recent years, as car facility for transporting to light quantify development, structure of car automobile body is begun to develop to aluminous compound bodywork by dimensional frame. The production as large section aluminous profile and solder ceaseless progress of the technology, aluminium alloy also increases ceaselessly in the application in the car. Current, car aluminous automobile body basically uses laser beam welding to receive technology, because diameter of beam of light is very fine, requirement groove assembles clearance to be less than 0.

5mm, dog precision is very tall, the thermal efficiency when having notting form bath at the beginning is very low. Additional, still existing tall, workpiece prepares facility cost working procedure asks to wait for a problem strictly, these problems can carry laser - electric arc is compound solder solve. As a result of arc welding compound, bath width increases, make assemble a requirement to reduce, it is easy that welding line dogs. Because electric arc can solve initiative and fused problem, make aluminium alloy decreases to the reflex of laser, raised the absorptivity of laser, can reduce the output power of laser greatly thereby, reduce the power of use laser. At the same time the air current of arc welding also can solve the screen problem of steam of metal of laser beam welding, avoid the surface to cave thereby formation bite the flesh, and the deep frit of laser beam welding and characteristic of fast, efficient, low hot input still maintain. The T of company of engineering of German masses car.

The person such as GRAF developed the laser that is used at car automobile body to make independently - MIG is compound solder nose. This nose installation is in arc welding machine implement on hand arm, geometrical size is small, suit any dimensional positions to solder, in the adjustment on each direction precision is achieved 0.

1mm. Laser is compound solder technology by the interaction of laser and other heat source, solder rate rose, solder cycle shortened, and achieve solder likewise the laser power that purpose place needs is reduced, these can make solder cost is reduced greatly. Additional, this kind of method can improve the weldability that waits like aluminium alloy, heterogeneous material. Accordingly, laser is compound solder the technology no matter from craft angle, still have capacious development and applied perspective from the point of economic angle. 6, epilogue stimulates smooth compound solder to solder two kinds methodological union rises, it used both and respective good point, obtained first-rate to solder the effect, taller solder speed and good welding line build bridge capacity. It is current the most advanced solder one of methods, came true tall solder speed and good solder the perfect union of quality. Stimulating technology of smooth compound solder is auto industry in a kind solder brand-newly technology, cannot come true to stimulating solder of beam of light especially or be in economically unworkable assemble clearance to ask. It has broad applied range and efficient character, reduce investment at the same time cost, shorten cost of manufacturing time, managing production and improve productivity, have stronger competition ability. CNC Milling CNC Machining