Make dreamy car makes real outstanding production plan

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Standing vice-president holds Chinese v association concurrently secretary-general Zhang Jin thinks: Of v industry energy-saving decrease a platoon, should from direct energy-saving and indirect and energy-saving two respects understand -- direct and energy-saving involve reduce equipment specific power consumption, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations; And indirect and energy-saving, consider from section material respect, reduce front resource is used up and follow-up treatment is used up, implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon. With respect to Chinese v industry character, the country stimulates car consumption and policy of home appliance go to the countryside, drove our country to forging the development of the industry, from September 2009 the share rises, v industry picks up very remarkable, basically reflect in die forging respect. In free forge respect a few poorer, industry of gold of punch, Ban picks up also is not very apparent. Whole v industry, because low class equipment is very much, repeat construction serious, influence ratio of operation. The overall and energy-saving circumstance that decrease a platoon nots allow hopeful. So Zhang Jin secretary-general thinks, the energy-saving job decreasing a platoon of v industry, must tackle a few following problems: One, note efficiency of tall utilization rate of equipment and installations of bring up again, production and labor productivity of average per capita. 2, heating installation technology is backward, make coarse, already became an industry to waste the main factor of the sources of energy. No matter be the free forging press of the past, or in recent years the hydraulic press of new investment, major equipment class is too low, the hand uses device overmuch, existence efficiency is low with the defect with serious specific power consumption. 3, begin research of industry specific power consumption, energy-saving technology, energy-saving material and the research and development that control a technology and promotion apply aggrandizement. 4, value a company metric job, statistic works begin, development manufactures convenient and significant metric equipment. An abroad case will be shared with everybody below, seeing them is how to improve equipment efficiency, reduce specific power consumption. This, our centre of gravity is punch workshop, especially mould workshop -- every good punch workshop, need a good mould workshop, can from design center new pattern efficient move arrives in whole production technological process, the manufacturing pattern that still can maintain need again is returned in time return punch workshop -- mould workshop still can finish supporter through making fixture assembly and solder the job such as the operation, it is a very important working procedure segment. The machine that quickens market pace machines measure this is not magazine of a car, so the author forbids to have prate talks about Detroit car to exhibit the test drive that gets on car of new idea of glaring and whole scenic especially. Won't surround the special model that block up to send a comment greatly to media, also won't write buckish script, describe those astonishing car performance, here, my plan date from production dominant position that those in backstage concealing that make dreamy car becomes reality. My Xue Folan Kemailuo (Camaro) made stay away from home, main goal is a machine of famous metallic tool set. It deserves to have fall outstandingly makings reduce expenditure board, hardware lock, similar component, can change his costume or dress quickly application, become new-style Camaro the main manufacturer of the system of complete and compositive hardware that open car carries Kemailuo on the head. "We are the world company of offer of Mai Ge of supplier of component of the 3rd old car (Magna) 2 class supplier, make the steel orgnaization that open car carries on the head for them, need whole runs 28 new-style moulds, assemble 41 component, need undertakes covering inserting, riveting, solder and taphole, " John Brazzale of director of workshop of pattern of Principal Manufacturing company says. In Kemailuo open car project releases cycle, I think method entered his to be located in the manufacturing workshop of Illinois Broadview city. This is one deploys all ready new clothes to match a workshop, all stamping workpiece, fastener can be made together, vibrant. Of course, make me what I yearn for most, or before a few months just the mould workshop of mount a horse. Be it, make this company achieved present treatment level. "Our mould workshop is OK production riveting of design, framework and solder all assembly of a need fixed device, " Brazzale says: "This is a big project, the measurement that includes to be used at coordinating to measure quantity machine and again control equipment. For this project, we still are designed in the plan and die of 4 new essence of life provide the framework, (odd punch component is machine means by groovy machine, make to other mould workshop by the bag outside Principal Manufacturing company) . Such, our mould workshop load grows twice. In Feburary 2011 Kemailuo before open car comes out formally, it exhibits infuse to the car very great power. Because it has a lot of to sell a site, had essence of life to car coping for instance small improved, found bone wiring solution, this is to perplex open car to carry stylist on the head all the time for years people problem. Thanksed to the plod of Principal Manufacturing company, we can be made now piece " flowing, neat, contour line is smooth " roof. Be aimed at this Kemailuo project, the company installed Principal Manufacturing to squelch the workshop is mixed now assemble a workshop, yield every week 1100 complete products -- normally, the punch with this many need and assemble time. What can acquire this project field is successful, should be attributed to a company to perfect mould workshop continuously in recent years -- perfect program of its mould framework and machine of cut of line of new-style numerical control. "We are in new line cut technology (FA-20S of a pair of 3 water chestnut machine) on investment, increased a size, " Brazzale says. Comparative new old technology, he says: "On module and other machine component, we can achieve similar exterior polish result, but before speed is compared however fast 15% . For instance, need is one-time before pass 5 cutting module, should pass 3 only now can. Below the help of new technology, our crop increased a lot of, promoted the product the speed to the market to also rise a lot of. " effect of electric spark treatment is apparent journey of axis of the X of FA-20S of 3 water chestnut, Y, Z was achieved respectively 19.

7 inches, 13.

8 inches, 11.

8 inches, the largest size is respectively 41.

3 inches, 31.

5 inches, 11.

6 inches. Have a lot of characteristic technologies, for instance: 16 paces but process designing is controlled to broken bits system, system of drive of servo of 500W AC of 3D graph process designing, number, should use cup of special slideway, strong broken bits and the angle of 3 water chestnut to treat when providing, can make big taper implement (every edge 45 degrees) . "Can make dynamo n and pressure of strong broken bits suit automatically to machine a condition, optimized cutting speed, the risk that makes circuit ruptures at the same time falls to lowest. Reduced manufacturing time, reduced run cost for a long time. " Brazzale says, "Returning those who need to emphasize is his ' technical Great Master ' function, can ensure intricate work goes to different ply or Sunday run automatically the treatment of the strong water mouth of small position, realize the largest fine to allow to spend. " " the HSS-AE that provided a standard (high speed surface is fought electroanalysis) dynamo, can will electroanalysis or the injury that electrochemistry corrodes pair of surface hardness is reduced the smallest. This advantage of patent system is: In longer corrode caustic spot also won't produce below handling time " . Brazzale emphasizes, "This new dynamo still can reduce a lot of problem that poses by catchment shift material greatly, stick agent of action of the material that burn broken bits for instance, generation heats up an induction imperceptible break. And agent of polish of high quality surface, mean the likelihood that reduced do poorly done work over again to the greastest extent. " to Principal Manufacturing company, this is sure to bring faster production speed, push the rate to the market, bigger yield can, the market that can satisfy change quickly more challenges a requirement, entrust finished Kemailuo this by company of wheat case offer for instance project. The good material on machine of die of essence of life machines the speed that enters the market to improve a product, still need to have a move in mould workshop: Move a few jobs from scintilla machine except, undertake with hard alloy cutting tool good material is machined counting accusing. Especially, the thorn link that mould workshop needs pair of great majority undertakes good material is machined -- this is the irruptive link that in great majority essence of life develops a tool one kind to go up to want to apply, rising to control the function that material flows in figuration working procedure. Machine this irruptive annulus, can reduce whole handling time the in part, the life that maintains punch tool total cycle time is lengthened 30% . "Such, the delivery time of new pattern (arrive from the design production) arrived from 11~12 Zhou Jiang average 8 weeks, " Brazzale says: "Because we move a few jobs good treatment or new line cut machine (Wire-EDM) on equipment, saved that part-time. We did much work before tool manufacturer receives a mould, such they should slip to be mixed into thimble only next bushing, its solid is installed next surely can. Do not need to spend many time to do again grind piece wait for the job. " the form of die of essence of life that this company designed a standard (26 square inch, coping and bottom all thick amount to 3.

5 inches) . Whole pattern workshop has about 300 employee to work for a long time. "8 years ago we with ' traditional pattern ' manufacturing mould, will deliver aperture to move from slide block modular group, hand animation line, rely on drilling machine operation. " Brazzale says: "The module that we cross modular group and heat treatment now is put machine machining center, determine the position of guide pillar aperture, undertake machining to all hole next in order to complete whole work. Need will all work so erect is in machine on machining center, coping and bottom and accurate alignment. Thrust guide pillar modular group no longer, be opposite however bushing pressurization, such although bushing wore away, also change easily. Final treatment is as a result: Reduced mould deviation, manufacturing efficiency is taller. CNC Milling CNC Machining